I’m reminded of how fragile things are. How something sudden can upend the life as we know it. The insanity that’s been plastered plastered all over the news reminds us of how bat shit crazy the world is at times. Crazies are always trying to take over the world and destroy it in the process.

Uncertainty is a bitch if you have mental health problems.

Even in the midst of craziness, we carry on, don’t we? I do what I can and shut out what I can’t control. It doesn’t mean I don’t care, but letting it all bombard me helps no one.

I’m off to do some feel good stuff. You should toddle off and do something too.


    1. David Mei

      Cara, I am right with you. I have been dragged down the media bunny hole a couple of times. A train wreck that was hard to look away.
      But life goes on.
      Democracy will carry on but we see how fragile it can be.
      Be strong.
      Your image at first glance was glimpses of beautiful curves. Upon reflection and reading the accompanying text I see exhaustion.
      Hopefully fun is around the corner.
      There is hope.
      Be well
      Stay safe

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