In a few words

Haven’t tried an 100 word story in a long time. I’m probably too late for this, but I know quote quest had something about a blank page which makes me think about starting over.

The air felt heavy with repressed feelings.

She ignored the betrayed look in his eyes as she packed. The Diamond ring that gleamed on the nightstand like a beacon.


She paused, her hand crumpling the negligee he’d bought for their anniversary. “Do you love me?”

His long pause colored the silence between them. This was the first time she’d seen him uncomfortable. That’s what they were; comfortable, but bland. Strangers who’d settled.

When he looked away, it was the final nail.

“We both deserve to start over.” She turned away and clicked her suitcase shut. “This was never worth saving.”


  1. elliott henry

    Now I know why the diamond ring was on the nightstand. Good one, I thought she was packing to go on a trip with him.

    I have to say this image has me staring and holding my breath.

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