Casting Couch

The moment I told him it was my first time, his eyes lit up. No, not just lit up, but filled with a deviant sexual desire that made my face hot.

“I’ve had sex before.” I was quick to tell him that.

His hand went to my face then, gentle as it stroked my cheek and glided over my lips. That hot light was still in his eyes, but he seemed to sense my nerves. “But not with me and definitely not like this, am I right?”

Not like this…

I tried to just get it over with. Bypass all the talking and strip out of my clothes, but that’s not how he liked to do things. He fiddled with the camera and then handed my a bottle of water before sitting in the chair across from me.

“So tell me about your first time having sex.” He stopped jotting notes on his pad to stare at me directly.

“I was sixteen. It was my mother’s best friend.”

My cheeks heated in both embarrassment and remembered lust. My dick grew to a semi in my jeans and I couldn’t tell if it was his stare or the memory exciting me.


I could hear them resetting the shot. I knew what he wanted from me. I could read it in his gaze. Lewd, he wanted to draw out my lewdness and watch me squirm. The camera refocused on me and he asked me again.

“It was with my mother’s best friend. She propositioned me in the kitchen during a barbecue. I took her up to my room, pushed up her skirt, and fucked her on my bed.”

“Good.” He tapped the pen on his lips. I couldn’t help focusing my attention there. “Take off your shirt.”

I hesitated for just a second before I stood and stripped off my long sleeve shirt. I didn’t try to suck in my stomach or turn away from the camera’s stare. I didn’t try to turn away from his stare either. His gaze practically seared over my skin.

“Tight, pink nipples. I bet you’re super sensitive, too.”

He didn’t want a response so I didn’t give him one. The words were meant to provoke a reaction and they did. I felt a thump of pleasure in my groin.

“Take off your jeans and underwear and show my your ass.”

The blush was desperate to stain my cheeks as I pushed my clothes to the ground. I kept my spine straight as I stood facing him before turning to lean over the couch. His hum of pleasure reached my ears and sent goosebumps down my spine.

“Spread your ass cheeks. Show me, show the camera your hole.”

I didn’t hesitate this time. As the blush spread across my face, my hands reached back to part my ass for him. Not for the camera, for him. I couldn’t explain it. Not that, not the pulse of my asshole, not the desire for a man when I’ve never liked a man before. My cock was rapidly filling and there was no hiding it.

It was instinctual to arch my back just a little and spread my legs. I wanted him to step from behind the camera right then and touch me. He wanted to make me filthy, I could feel how much. My cock hardened painfully at the thought of him fucking me on the casting couch in front of the whole crew.

“You like to be on show.” His laugh made my whole body blush, and I glanced over my shoulder to see him standing. “I’ll enjoy playing with you.


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  1. elliott

    I was surprised it was a guy, nice one. I liked how you progressed this story, and could imagine myself in this situation and my penis becoming erect as I followed his instructions. Perfect last lines.

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