On Top

I hate being on top, but he loves to watch me struggle. His hands rest on my hips as I attempt to find a rhythm, reaching up to tweak my nipple as I growl in frustration. He loves my embarrassment, my lack of coordination. He savors my sweaty face as I try, hands on his chest, to ride his dick.

“Fuck you.”

He laughs at my anger, knowing I want him to fuck me. I don’t want to be in control. I want to be taken. My rocking and stumbling are not that, are not me getting fucked. This is humiliation and it turns me on as much as it embarrasses me.

His hands grip my hips harder. “Isn’t that what you’re doing?”

I push up, my face burning. I lean back, hands on his thighs, and try in vain to get that damn rhythm that always alludes me when I’m on top. His hands smooth up my sides to cup my breasts before he slides one down to tease my clit. All it does is mess up my nonexistent stride.

“I love to watch you struggle.”

It’s too much. My frustration and my desire boil over, and I’m climbing off. He’s on me before I can swing my legs off the bed. I’m beneath him, face pressed to the mattress before I can utter a word.

“Don’t go, baby.”

The way he whispers in my ear makes me shudder. My frustration melts away, leaving only my cunt filled with his cock. So full of his cock that I can’t hold back my cries.

I hate being on top, but he loves to watch me struggle. He loves my frustration, my humiliation, and my submission.


  1. Mrs Fever

    It’s interesting how physical position influences mental position, isn’t it?

    I’m not a big fan of being on top, at least not in a “get on your bikes and ride” kind of way. My knees go numb and my hips scream and my lower back is like “Aw, HELL no!”


    It’s partly age, I guess. But even when I was younger…

    Yeah, no thanks. 😉

    You capture the awkwardness of “on top” perfectly.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I don’t like being on top. I honestly just feel so awkward and can’t get a good rhythm going. It’s the least sexy position to be in and I actively avoid it. Just, no.

      1. minnie

        I generally have the same experience. Every so once in a while I have been able to get a good rhythm. It is rare.
        But when it happens I have the best orgasms ever.
        I had one the other day, but all being edged right now, and want allowed to orgasm there. It was the most depressing thing.

        1. Post
          Cara Thereon

          I’ve never gotten the hang of being on top so it isn’t a position I like. It’s uncomfortable and awkward but I could see the appeal if it can be managed.

  2. hubman

    While I appreciate that you don’t like being on top, personally I’m imagining how much I’d enjoy seeing you on top of me 🙂

  3. Naomi

    I actually love being on top. Rex loves being able to tweak my nipples and when we are moving he likes the fact that he can spread my bottom cheeks and push his finger in and also play with my clitoris.

  4. elliott

    Such a sexy read, and I love the illustration, Cara. I used to love having my second wife ride me and watch her little titties bouncing, it wasn’t her favorite thing to do but she tolerated my whim, as long as I gave her a good fucking from behind, she loved doggie. Your story brought back some fun memories. Your stories often do that.

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