#KOTW “I want to suck your…”

The theme for kink of the week is Vampires.  I vant to suck your bloood.

Typically I’d write a bit of fiction for something like this because… my life isn’t all that fun or interesting.

Vampirism isn’t something that gets me going.

No, that’s not true. I developed a hardcore infatuation for Brad Pitt because of the movie adaption of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.

That movie was the first time I’d understood how sexy vampires could be. The concept of the blood/power exchange and how erotic it could appear. How the vampire is all charm to lure the victim and how they both receive extreme pleasure (or pain) from the exchange. The absolute ecstasy…

I enjoy books with vampires in them for the same reason. The portrayal of a dark and sexy being choosing someone, drawing them in, and taking exactly what they want.

As for the blood itself? I’m exposed to blood on a regular basis because of my job.  So I have no desire to apply anything sexy to it, but the vampire in movies and books have some serious apply at times .

A tiny story to get an idea where my mind it.

The clack of her heels could be heard over the murmurs of the people she passed on the street. Many sought her attention, but only one knew he could hold it. 

She felt the brush of fingertips across her hand and glanced up into eyes so to blue they glinted. Her body froze, a haze of something warm moving through her. 

The feeling of her back against the cool stone wall hardly registered. All she felt was his body pressed against hers, harder even than the stone behind her. 

His lips brushed the skin over her carotid and she tilted her neck in offering. 

“You won’t remember meeting me in this alley, or the sting of my bite. You’ll remember the beauty of the night and the need between your thighs. You’ll head straight home after and touch your pretty cunt and think about how badly you need fucked.” 

The words were a whispered thought in her mind. She gasped as his teeth pierced her throat. 

“Yes,” she moaned out softly. 

Ahh, and now I really need someone sucking on my neck.

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  1. Molly

    I love that little vignette. I love the whole Vampire thing, it is mainly a visual thing for me but reading all these stories is totally working for me too. So glad you joined in with Kink of the Week


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