As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a sex hiatus after my last brush with love ended poorly. Not that abstaining keeps one from a broken heart, but I was feeling far too tender to bother. 

Now, abstaining doesn’t mean I forego my favorite kink. 

I am a spanko fanatic, a spankophil, a lover of having my ass beat. You have a whip, I have an unspanked bottom? Lets party. 

A couple I’d played with in the past related to spanking. A recent get together was started with a discussion of adding sex to the mix. At first I was apprehensive (I have a very weird relationship with sex. I’m sure scouring my blog would make that readily apparent), but I decided I’d go with the flow. I’ll get my spanking and we’ll see how the night goes. 

With that in mind, I relaxed. That night ended up being a really really good night for me. Sucked, fucked, and sent to be spent. 

And of course, I got my spanking. 


  1. jerusalemmortimer

    An occasion worth celebrating!
    I’m glad you got your spanking, and I hope your heart is a little stronger.
    Beautiful photos!

  2. Molly

    Yay, I am so happy you are joining in with Sinful Sunday. I really hope you enjoy being part of this community. You take such great pictures so I am hoping this will be the start of you sharing them with Sinful Sunday.

    As for this ‘date’ it sounds utterly fabulous


  3. Hope Always

    Welcome to SinfulSunday and with such wonderful images too.

    A lady after my own heart as I love to indulge in a litte spanking, whips and canes from time to time. Glad your evening went well and hope to see you again on Sinfulsundy next week.

  4. LittleBoPeep12

    Wonderful pics, and yes to spanking, flogging, cropping, and occasionally caning. Nerve endings on fire and the drag of fingertips over the assaulted skin will send me into orgasm every time. Happy Sinful Sunday.

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