A different hue

Unedited sketch

I spotted him before he saw me. He’s the same, but unbelievably different.

The memories that surface the moment I see his face are hard, hot, and deeply erotic. How is it possible to have such a visceral reaction to a man I haven’t seen in ten years? One kiss forever ago is enough to set off a string of fantasies long buried. To want him this way was insanity, but obviously my body didn’t listen to reason.

the next second he turned and our eyes connect.

Recognition gives way to surprise that morphs quickly into sparkling lust. I swallowed, the clench of my body a direct response to his heated gaze. Time meant little in that moment.

He moved away from the person he’d been talking to, his eyes rooting me to the spot as he cut through the crowd. The promises… When we touch this time, it’ll end with more than a teenage kiss.

Part of me wanted to flee because I knew he’d change me. I’d be forced to confront my fears, my insecurities, my…

“I know that look.”

My eyes must have slipped closed at some point because his voice, his words spoken directly into my ear shake me. I feel his heat circling me, his smell surrounding me, and I lose my breath.

“What look?” I know he can hear me though my voice is barely a whisper in the din.

I feel his breath on my face just before the brush of his lips across my cheek. That contact, that innocent touching of skin, electrifies me to my core.

My body swayed into him and his arm slipped around my waist, pulling me close. As my breasts pressed against the hard planes of his chest, I’m ashamed at how breathless I am. He’s bigger than I remember, the body of a full-grown man instead of a boy. The need between us is just as mature.

“The look that says you’re thinking too hard.” His lips brushed my cheek again, closer to my mouth this time. “You’ve grown up a lot.”

“So have you.” There was no ignoring that fact.

My heart refused to settle. I breathed deep seeking to steady myself, but every ounce of air was saturated with his scent. My body blossomed under the heady smell of him. My breasts felt so heavy and wet heat pooled between my thighs. Every part of me bloomed In readiness to receive him.

“Look at me.”

i couldn’t ignore the command if I tried.

When I met his gaze, it was the same jolt as before. I saw it reflected back, the awareness of the current between us.

“Did you know I’d been asking after you since I got back into town?” His lips hovered above mine, so close I could taste his breath.


It wasn’t what I wanted to say. There were questions bouncing around in my brain, but only that one spilled from my lips.

“Because I never stopped thinking about you. I was sorry we only had that one kiss.”


He kissed me before I could get the thoughts in my head out of my mouth, and then it didn’t matter. The need, born of years of unfulfilled longing, demanded satisfaction in the form of sex. The consequences were for later. Right now? I needed this, him, more than anything else.


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  1. lauraleighmartin

    Reading you, I find myself slowly but steadily opening up, in EVERY sense, to my lover/fiance’s growing interest in calling the shots… and finally “shooting.” OMG, soooo delicious.

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