a forward facing shot up Cara's skirt while she's sitting in a chair

“Beth, are you listening?”

Her boss’s voice was stern, sending a jolt of electricity straight to her cunt. She pressed her lips together to keep from moaning in response. Like a bitch in heat, she was. Swallowing hard, she scooted forward in her chair, then stopped when it caused the belt to press deeper between her labia. Her clit throbbed in response.

“Yes?” She looked down at her notepad and realized she’d not written anything. “Definitely listening.”

He crossed his arms. She’d never once in the entire time she’d worked there found Mr. Gentz attractive, not with his thinning hair and ever present belly that flopped over his belt. Beth was blaming the heightened arousal, but the way his biceps bulged beneath his dress shirt was driving her mad today. Her cunt pulsed as he unfolded his body from his chair and crossed to lean back against his desk in front of her.

“You’re never like this. Are you sick?”

“Sick?” She straightened up in her chair, but even that made the belt move against her. She slouched again and pressed a hand to her forehead.

“You’re flushed, you’ve been flushed looking all day. You’ve been walking around like everything aches. I’ve heard you groan like you’re in pain. I touched your back earlier, you were sweating through your blouse and shivering.”

Good thing he hadn’t slipped his hand up her skirt. He’d have gotten to the source of all her issues. That brought unbidden thoughts of him doing just that before she could shake them off. If being horny was an illness, she was definitely terminal right now. The chastity belt was going to kill her.

Beth sighed softly. “No, not sick per se. Just some… lady issues.”

She cringed so hard at even uttering that, but it seemed to be the answer he needed. His whole face changed, morphing into a cross between understanding and vague disgust.

“Gotcha. Well, if you need to take the day, feel free.”

The day was nearly complete. She was proud she’d made it through without trying to frig herself to death at her desk. Not that this belt would let her, but she was so horny she’d thought about trying every twenty minutes since she’d walked in. It hadn’t helped that Matt sent her naughty pictures and words every few hours. He’d sent the last photo of his hard cock poking through his trouser flies just as she’d walked into the meeting.

“I think I may head home after I finish up a few cases that need filed.”

Mr. Gentz was back around behind his desk looking through files before she could fully rise from the chair. Beth did a quick glance down at the leather seat to make sure she didn’t leave any evidence of her arousal. She wasn’t sure how she’d explain the mess her cunt made, but lucky for her it wasn’t an issue.

Scurrying from his office, Beth made a beeline for the safety of her desk. She’d barely sat down when a ping sounded on her phone. Holding her breath, she unlocked it and saw Matt’s message.

Lift up your skirt and take a picture of your cunt for me.

Beth felt her heart rate start a gallop against her ribs. There? At her desk? She knew that’s what he’d want. Arousal and embarrassment rivaled for a place in her chest as she looked around the otherwise empty office area.

Her hand trembled as she lifted her skirt, pulling until the fabric was bunched around her waist. Spreading her thighs, she whimpered as the thick smell of her arousal hit her. Angling the camera, she canted her hips so everything was on display, and took a photo for him. Sending it, Beth quickly pushed down her skirt before someone could walk by to talk to her. It wasn’t long before another ping came through.

Look who plump your pussy is. You’ve soaked the leather with your juices and I bet you smell amazing. You’ll be hot and so wet when I fuck you later. I wonder if I should let you cum…

He was a bastard. Beth rubbed her thighs together, her cunt squeezing around the dildo inside her. This was fucking torture and she wanted to scream. She wanted him to fuck her, she wanted him to hold her right on the edge of orgasming, she wanted whatever he wanted. Smothering her moan, she told him he was a tease.

See you soon, slut.

Beth laid her head on her desk, desperate to catch her breath. Only a few hours left and he’d release her from this torture device. She could make it a few more hours, right?

To be continued?


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  2. elliott henry

    I enjoyed reading this, you led up to the reveal perfectly, mentioning belt, but I was just thinking it was a belt on her skirt with a big buckle or something like that. Then it all made sense. Sure, let’s see how she got into this chastity device in the first place. And, what of Mr. Gentz? I liked the line “Definitely listening.”

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