Pretty Hole

“Are you comfortable?”

My shoulders twinge with my hands tied behind my back, my thighs scream from being splayed wide and tied to the bed, my ankles throb from the rub of the rope, and most of all my cunt aches from repeated use.


He chuckles as he shifts up my body. I feel his fingers brush my vulva, making my hips lift in response.

“Always ready.”

I feel him hovering above me. The hair on his legs is velvet against my shoulders. I close my eyes behind the blindfold. Wetness touches my cheek and I part my lips.

“That’s it.”

He only gives me the tip. I suckle the salty taste into my mouth, savoring him with a moan.

“I think my little hole wants more.”

Please. I don’t say it out loud, but I know he senses it in the strain of my bound body.

My skin tingles as I see him moving over me in my mind’s eye. Arms braced on the headboard, knees spread and dug into mattress, hips ready, and cock aimed to thrust down down my throat.

I open my mouth wider for him, my hips rolling in anticipation.

“Patience, fuckdoll. Good things come to those who wait.”


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  1. May More

    Oh yes, touches of humiliation with a few spanks and “Good Girls” is just the ticket.

    This short tale was great – hot and descriptive – always love it when a solid picture forms in my mind – usually does with your writing x

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