School Year

A flash for Storyin12. A bit of yesterday’s prompt and today’s.


She rose from her desk, careful to keep her uniform skirt flipped up. He moved down the row toward her then circled behind to view the marks he’d left on her yesterday.

“Palms up, girl.”

When she lifted her hands the ruler came down hard. The loud crack filled the room, making her flinch.

She whimpered, but didn’t move.

“Give me the list of things you’re to work on this year.”

“I will do better in math, I will be more attentive in history, and…”

She hesitated, her face growing hot. His hand landed on her bottom and she squealed. The contact made her whole butt throb anew. He tapped her lightly with the ruler.

“If you can’t say it, there will be additional demerits after today’s lesson.”

Her cunt ached as she thought of the punishment. “And I will practice my cocksucking daily.”

“Good girl. To the front now, right over the desk.”

“But, Mr. Graham–”

He silenced her by rapping the ruler across her palms again.

“This is for me, girl.” He grabbed her neck and marched her to the front. “This is the thing on my list.”

He guided her over the big oak desk. She heard the tinkle of his belt loosening and her whole body melted. He parted her legs and stepped between. They both sighed when he seated his cock deep inside her.

“An important part of a good school year.”


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