The good, the bad, and the anal

Cara with a blue jeweled butt plug in

I was reading a great post by Girl on The Net about how anal feels to her. You can read it now or later, but do read it.

Next comes the physical sensation of tautness. Being stretched. His cock is thick and solid, and I can feel the tensile elasticity of my hole flexing against the tip of him as he holds his dick there before he slides in. In that moment my body is taut: muscles flexing and hands gripping tight against the duvet, the pillow, into fists…

Like I said, go read it.

Anyway, it made me think so much of the lover who made me crave anal when I was with him. Who made me crave sex in a way I never did or have with anyone else.

I met him by accident really. I think I was checking out a local party or something along those lines. It was in an former coffee shop they were trying to convert into a place for people to play, if I remember correctly. Wasn’t totally interested in him, but he did rigging and being tied flips a lot of switches for me. I stripped down to my underwear and he did a few ties on me, taking pictures of me in different areas of the establishment. It was fun. I got my rush and went home.

He messages me later, and I don’t know how it happened, but I agreed to let him come over. He said he could make me come via oral, and me knowing my body, I knew the odds were really fucking slim. The deal was he makes me come, I suck his dick. Maybe I agreed because I wanted the challenge, or I was super cocky about what he couldn’t do, or I just wanted a little sex. No idea, but I said yes.

As an aside here, something to know about me, it can be difficult to make me come if my head isn’t in the right place. If there’s an ounce of pressure, it’s not happening. Not via PIV or any form of sexual contact. I also don’t particularly enjoy NSA or hook ups, they mess with my head so I avoid them. I need a connection of some kind in order to feel comfortable.

So he comes over, I’m very much like, it’s not going to happen. No partner has managed it, you ain’t special.

I strip down, lay on the bed, and am literally like do your worst. You know what, I knew I was fucked the first time he sucked on my clit. I cannot to this day tell you exactly what he did, but that fucker made me come. The shock of it floored me. No partner had managed it. Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting much that he was able to surprise me, but boy oh.

He shocked me so much, I couldn’t even get my head in the game enough to suck his dick. And I love to suck dick. He wanted my head over the bed so he could fuck my face, but I just couldn’t focus. So he shuffled me around, pushed my face into the bed, and fucked me. Holy shit, he made me come again! Like, scream like he’s exorcising demons from my body.

I literally went from thinking I was going to bed after being tied up to coming twice. Do you see why I was little obsessed after? He’d come over, tie me up, and fuck me in that perfect way I like. The way where he didn’t care about my pleasure, his only focus was using me to come. It got me off. Every. Time. I’m a sucker for being used during sex because it takes the pressure off.

So what does this have to do with anal? A lot. I had anal sex once before him, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I’d dreamt it would be. It was different with him.

Another aside, anal has never not been messy for me. I have a lot of stomach blah that can make for fun times, but only the extra prepared and the porn ready don’t have those problems. My stomach isn’t agreeable.

It was different with him because he made me take it. That same feeling GoTN described; tension that gives way to stretching, and once I’m breached, a relaxing of my whole body. I have to take it. I have to battle through the pain right into the pleasure of it. He wouldn’t let me rub my clit, no, he wanted it to be all him and the headspace he put me in. It worked for me. But we all know that kind of thing works for me. Being dominated and made to take it.

Oh god, it was good every time. The way my body submitted to it. The way his cock would stretch and slide deeper and deeper. It got me off so well. Another shocker the first time it happened. Messy, but so damn enjoyable.

He made me like his brand of dominance. That flavor of almost disregard. He was there to fuck me and I was there to take it. Push my face into the couch cushions and make me beg to have my cunt or my ass fucked. I’m literally hot as fuck thinking about it and want to be used like that.

My need couldn’t fix his inability to keep a date however. I won’t rehash that, you can read about why here. I was just thinking on the topic again and wanted a revisit.

I’m always tempted to ring him up, especially when I’m close, because I know he’ll get me off. I even entertained the idea seriously when he messaged me a year ago. I have to remind myself that good dick isn’t the only thing that makes even a FWB valuable.

So yea, no one has made me like anal the way he has. He was a dick with a dick of magic.

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