River Monster

Uncooperative creativity. Play with River Monsters while I wrestle with my muse.

The sun had set hours ago, going from that orange glow to dusky pink to black in what felt like seconds. Nerves were just about to get the better of her.

Ris had debated the smartness of this for hours and as the time to execute the dare drew closer, she was leaning toward it definitely being stupid.

“Don’t chicken out, Ris.”

The sudden voice startled a scream out of her. Ris turned just as Theresa appeared from around the large oak she’d been standing near.

“What are you doing here?”

Theresa leaned against the tree. “Just making sure you follow through.”

“I don’t need supervision.”

Her appearance rankled Ris because there was no way she’d back out now. Theresa wouldn’t let her live it down and could be an annoying bitch about everything. Ris also had a deep need to best Theresa.

Shaking off any lingering fear, Ris stripped out of clothes. The chill of the air made goosebumps prickle her skin, but she squared her shoulders and made for the water.

“Watch out for the monster in the lake, Ris.”

Theresa’s voice carried to her even at a distance. It almost made her step falter, but she ignored her. Letting Theresa scare her was ridiculous.

The water was warmer than expected for a late winter’s day. She ignored the nervous tingle that inched up her spine and waded into the dark water. Once she was in to her chest, she dove under.

Darkness closed around her for a brief second before she surfaced. The moon hung huge overhead, making it appear closer than usual. It was mesmerizing and snagged her attention with its unusual brightness.

Her task was to stay in the river for fifteen minutes. The river was calm and warm so it would be easy. She’d set the timer on her phone.

Easy in and out. Theresa could go fuck herself.

Ris lifted her eyes to the sky. The moon seemed brighter than before, bathing her and the surrounding water in light. She could stay out there forever just letting the moonlight rejuvenate her.

Something brushed her foot, tickling at her toes and making her gasp. It was gone and she laughed it off. She glanced at the shore to make sure Theresa hadn’t heard her and was glad to see the girl still leaning against the tree.

A lap to the other bank of the river sounded like a good idea. Maybe moving around would make the time pass.

She broke into a lazy front stroke, letting her limbs propel her through the water. The slow current made it easy, and Ris was an expert swimmer. Five years on the swim team and lifeguarding made damn sure of that.

The water was surprisingly deep. She thought she should’ve made it to the other side in a few quick strokes, but the bank seemed further away each time she looked.

Ris stopped to wade in the water and was startled again by something tickling at her foot. She kicked it away, but it crept up to wrap around her ankle.

She reached under the water to remove it, but another piece tangled around her wrist. Every attempt to wriggle free found her increasingly tangled in what felt like long tendrils of river slime. Both arms and legs were trapped.

Barely keeping her head above water, Ris tried to scream for help, drew in a huge breath to scream, but was pulled under. She barely closed her mouth before river water streamed in.

Keeping her eyes open, she struggled to reach for the top. The moonlight was bright above her, beckoning her to the surface. If only she could reach it.

The tendrils wrapped around her body, up her torso until it reached her throat. Ris panicked. She was going to die in this river over a stupid dare.

It wrapped around her neck, but didn’t tightened. The end caressed her face and brushed along her lips. She turned her head away, but it was persistent in gaining entry into her mouth. It pressed until it parted her lips and prized her teeth apart before plunging inside.

Slick, viscous liquid spilled over her tongue and down her throat. It was impossible it spit it out, her tongue growing numb after mere seconds.

If she thought her tongue was numb, it was nothing compared to her body as whatever she ingested coursed through her body. Paralyzed, Ris watched as the moonlight drifted further away.

She was pulled toward the bottom, deeper into the darkness of the river. The tendrils waved and patted along her skin. Everything felt sensitive, the undulating against her making her heart race as arousal rose in its wake.

A tendril brushed her pussy, teasing between her lips to press her clit before moving lower to enter her slowly. It slithered, it pressed, it opened her up and filled her somehow. The sensitivity was readily apparent here because the way it filled her would’ve made her tense if her muscles could move. As it was, the sensation, the slow pump of that… thing inside her, was going to make her come.

She felt a thin tendril tease at her anus before slithering inside.

It hit her like a rushing wave, seizing muscles she didn’t think would ever loosen again. She felt her pussy and her ass squeeze around that slippery mass inside her. It seemed to go on, holding her in rapture until she didn’t know whether to beg for it to stop or keep going.

The grip on her loosened, releasing her body in gentle increments. She was left paralyzed, floating in the dark, unable to get back to the pinpoint of light she could see.

Her vision faded as what little oxygen she had left was released into the water in little bubbles.

“Ris.” Something jostled her. “Ris.”

She drew in a breath and released it on a sigh. Rolling over, it was the grass scraping along her wet back that woke her. She blinked up at the dark night sky.

“Ris, you were in there for forty-five minutes. I almost called the fucking cops when you didn’t surface. You washed up on the bank barely moving.”

Wiping her face, Ris eyed Theresa who stood over her. Concern didn’t wear well on the other girl’s face.

“Look, I’m fine.” She slowly moved to her feet, ignoring the lingering ache in her jaw and her pussy. “Just got caught in some river slime.”

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  1. May More

    Ah that was a bit scary for sure – Have you ever read any short stories from a little know author caledl C L Moore? She was one of the first female authors of science fiction – one of her better short tales very much reminded me of this, thou not set in water it was also scary and sexy like the above and if my memory serves me correctly involved tendrils … She writes some odd stories but worth a look, i think.

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  2. Jo

    Oh, I looooooove this!!! I’m a horror fanatic, and this was delightfully creepy! I also find erotic Japanese octopus art to be really arousing; were you thinking about that art style when you wrote this?

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