Day 20 (actually finished it yesterday): 530 words

Oh God, he didn’t know if he could control himself.

He shivered as a fox with large eyes and a bushy tail, one he could run his fingers through, sauntered by him. He wasn’t sure if it was a female or a male fox, but he didn’t care as long as he could pet the fur.

He could feel the sweat collecting around the collar of his shirt and at the base of his spine. His bear costume only allowed sight immediately in front of him, blocking most of his peripheral vision. It was a cheaper costume, the best he could do last minute. If this convention went well, he’d invest in a really good bear costume.

Adjusting the crotch of his suit, he reminded himself that attending the convention was about more than fucking some person in a costume. He was finally going to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Something akin to euphoria filled him the closer he got to the door.

Explaining to lovers how he felt when he was a bear was difficult. He felt like the animal, could feel the bear under his skin longing to escape. The animal lived in his soul and seemed to roar during sex. It had become harder to ignore the last year especially after he’d gone as a bear the previous Halloween.

The double doors to the hotel conference room opened and a group of furries exited. They were an assortment of animals from a gorilla to a panda. Some were talking loudly and holding hands. The sight made a smile spread across his face to match the goofy one on his bear face.

He approached the black cat seated at the registration table. It was a woman, she’d apparently opted not to go full cat as she only had cat paws with some wicked long claws, a face mask with whiskers, and a tail she had propped on the table. The rest of her was bare aside from a tiny peach bikini.

“Hi,” She chirped, her whiskers waving. “Welcome to FurriCon. Can I get your name?”

“Uh, hello?” He shifted from foot to foot. “LarBear. I… uh, registered online.”

Her eyes widened and her whiskers went wild as she flipped through her stack of papers. When she found him, she purred. “Purrfect, here you are.”

She whipped out a sheet of name tags. Next she pulled out a big bag brimming with brochures and various objects.

“Fill out the name tag and have a look through the fur-swag-bag.” She paused and met his gaze head on. It was like she could see straight through the mask and into his soul. “You’re welcomed here, Lar. The outside world may not get it, but we do. You’re free to be the bear you want to be and no one will stop you.”

His heart squeezed hard and he had to swallow the lump that clogged his throat. She gave the biggest smile and handed him the bag. He mumbled his thanks suddenly overwhelmed by his feelings.

“Have a great FurriCon!”

Her whiskered smile sent him floating through the double doors, buoyed by an acceptance he was so glad he’d finally found.

Cara naked with sunlight on her back, wearing her ears and tail in post titled Furry

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