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This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is writing. I thought about a host of things I could cover here. Lots to trudge through.

I’ve been writing for a long time. I’ve written about how long I’ve been writing. Things have evolved for me. From journals to blogging to sex blogging. All of it is a way to express how I feel about life.

When I transitioned to sex blogging, it was about writing out my fantasies. I was super new to kink and needed a place to make sense of my need to be spanked. Writing helped that. I was then trying to make sense of what I later learned was submissive tendencies. Writing helped that.

For the longest time, I was a firm believer that I was a better writer than speaker. Words just never came out of my mouth as easily as they did from my brain to the page. I also said that something was going on with me if I wasn’t writing because it was such an outlet.

Writing is very important. It’s also changed for me.

I’ve been writing a lot of fiction for a long time. At first it was shorter snippets. It’s still that most of the time, but I’ve noticed I’ve taken to posting a lot of longer serials lately. I mean, there’s NaNo that’s running this November, but there have been many instances of serials that I swore I’d never write. I’ve written longer stories earlier on, but I love a drabble/flash/short fic.

I’ve been participating in Smut Marathon. I’m in the final with six other fabulous writers. Honestly, it’s been an exercise in viewing my writing on a different way. Competition does weird things to me mentally. I’m super competitive if you didn’t know and no one is more critical of my work than me. I’ve had to learn not to alter my writing to fit what I think works for people. I’ve had to learn how to navigate the emotional pitfalls of not doing well in a round. I’ve had to force myself to improve. With a lot of help from DomSigns to quell some of the anxiety of course.

I like to believe I’ve gotten stronger as a writer over the last year. I hope I can’t just be pigeon holed into a single genre. Yes, I write erotica, but I can throw horror or sadness or mystery into things. I hope I surprise people.

Writing has been my haven. I’m serious about this and hope I can see more of my work published one day.

Here are some of the pieces of writing that I’ve enjoyed writing:

Playing God

River’s Edge

Broken Dolls

If you’re following NaNo:

Week 1 Terry’s story

Week 2 Kelly’s story

And this week focusing a little more on Jay.

Writer’s gone write. Right?

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  1. Marie Rebelle

    I, for one, am damn glad you are writing, and am really enjoying your stories. You have a way with words, Cara, and you know how to build up a story. Just keep on writing 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. May More

    You are one of my favourite writers that I visit in the blogging community – whispering,(between u and me u are my favourite) – I like how you tell your stories – your style and the ideas you come up with for the tale. So many time a story you have written has inspired a tale from me – So thank you – You have a wonderfully imaginative brain 😉 x

  3. Julie

    I too love your writing and the way you write. I’m pretty sure that you have developed as a writer over the past year and love to see your confidence grow. xx

  4. Floss

    You are a fabulous writer, and I can guarantee that a visit to any one of your posts always feels like a wonderful use of my time. I can’t wait to see where your writing future takes you. Good luck with the final round of the Smut Marathon, you are a very well deserving finalist x

  5. E.L. Byrne

    Thanks for sharing this. I could relate to a couple of points. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    “I was super new to kink and needed a place to make sense of my need to be spanked. Writing helped that.”

    “Writing has been my haven. I’m serious about this and hope I can see more of my work published one day.”

  6. Brigit Delaney

    I came to blogging in a similar way. And I’ve always wondered why I chose to go public rather than keeping it in a private journal. I’ve taken some criticism for that, too. Confessional writing is controversial…but vital, I believe. I love both your stories and your confessions, and I’m glad to call you a part of my online writing community

  7. Molly

    Right! I wish I could write like you, just sit down and have it flow out especially the longer series. I get too bog down in needing to know what happens and that often stops me from even getting started


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