Book aversion

Book of secrets

“Kelly, it’s been three weeks and you haven’t picked up a book once.”

Call her crazy, but after that last shitshow with the gypsy and falling into a book, she was a little reluctant to even look at a book.

“I’m pretty sure I have post traumatic stress syndrome.” Kelly shuddered as she looked across into her living room where her bookshelf sat. “I don’t even feel safe in my own home with those monsters around.”

It was only a slight exaggeration and Jay knew her well enough at know she was being ridiculous. His laughter warmed her a bit. He warmed her more than a little bit.

They’d fallen into this nice space since their… incident. He’d asked her out again after they reappeared on the couch. One dinner date had turned into two, that quickly turned into three and these many weeks later they spent a lot of time together. Spending nights at each other’s houses, even considering if moving in together would be better than continuing to pay so much in rent separately. He had stuff at hers and she had half the closet at his. Why not move in together?

They hadn’t actually defined what was happening between them, but who discussed moving in unless you were fairly serious about the person you’re thinking of doing so with.

The fact that now he was the one brimming with enthusiasm over reading had made her book self happy. Unfortunately, she hadn’t picked a book up in a while.

Kelly was partly honest about her nervousness about books. So much so that she had taken a brief break from the bookstore. It actually worked well with her planned time off because of school. Studying was taking up a ton of time. She utilized slides and careful handling of her textbooks to study.

It wasn’t as though Kelly didn’t still want to read. She did.

Kelly had actually tried to go cold turkey for two days. When that need to read had finally gotten the better of her, she’d tried audiobooks. That had lasted for a week before she’d switched to a Kindle, needing actual words to read.

Even with her nerves, she missed the smell of a physical book. In between lectures, she found herself going into the college library’s old books section and carefully sniffing the ancient pages. The scent made her heart flutter.

Just… it was taking time to get over her fear. Reluctance was more accurate for her feelings.

Jay rose from his chair at the table and collected her plate. She brushed a finger down his arm, smiling her thanks as he moved away toward the sink.

The way his back muscles bunched and relaxed under his tee shirt as he washed the dishes made a different part of her flutter.

They hadn’t played at any BDSM since that part in the book. Don’t get her wrong, the sex was still fire, but more vanilla. Kelly had never dabbled in kink prior to them being pulled into the book, but found since then she wanted it. She wasn’t brave enough to ask and he hadn’t said much about wanting to spank her ass since.

“Come help me dry, Kels.”

Kelly stood and got a naughty idea as she grabbed the towel. Twirling it around and around, she eyed his sweat pants clad ass, licking her lips. She let it fly, enjoying the loud snap the towel made as it connected with flesh.

All he did was draw in a deep breath, holding the dish in his hand for a second before resuming his washing.

Well, that wasn’t the response she was expecting. She wound the towel up again, ready to take aim, when he turned around suddenly and grabbed the towel out of her hands.

She wasn’t sure how it was possible, but he had her bent over the counter. A huge thrill ran through her as he shimmied down her yoga pants, take her underwear with them so her ass was exposed. Jay leaned over her back, the soft terrycloth sweats he was wearing doing nothing to hid his already impressive erection as it pressed into her.

“You are such a bad girl.” He squeezed her hip then ran his hand up her back until he was pressing on her shoulders. “Just asking for a spanking.”

He didn’t wait for her to even say anything. Leaning away so her back felt the chill of air, he smacked her ass hard.

God, it was like lightning going off. Kelly pressed her palm to the counter top, savoring the way the heat spread through her body. His hand caressed the spot and she whimpered softly.

“Do you want to continue?”

She was already lifting her ass up silently asking for more. He hadn’t slipped a hand between her thighs. If he had, he’d feel how wet she was just from one slap.

“You have to use your words, Kelly. I don’t want to re-traumatize you after being in the book.”

A sense of happiness overtook her as she realized how considerate he was about her feelings. She could fall for him so easily.

She glanced over her shoulder at him. “I want this. I have wanted it since that moment in the dungeon.”

Relief smoothed out the tension that had marred his face. “I want this too.”

Lowering her cheek to the counter, Kelly arched her back and presented her ass to him. “Then take it.”

He groaned. Laying a hand on her hip, he steadied her as he gave her the spanking she’d been craving.

It took her to a different place mentally. The calm she had been missing. Maybe the book issue unsettled her, but something about doing this brought a bit more focus back to her mind.

When he stopped, they were both breathing hard. Her inner thighs were slick with her wetness and her ass throbbed in time with her heart beat.

Jay lifted her up so she face him and kissed her. Their tongues clashed for a few minutes before he pulled back to stare into her eyes.

“Fuck, Kelly. I really like hurting you.”

That tortured look in his eyes made her want to soothe him. “I wanted it. I asked for it. I loved it.”

It took a moment before some of that tension left his face.

He leaned his forehead against hers in that way she loved. Her head was a floaty muddle, but the thing that bobbed to the surface was how much he made her heart sing.

That was not how he meant to handle things. He’d had this whole plan for how the evening was going to go and instead ended up spanking Kelly in the kitchen.

Her ass had a dark pink blush under the bronze of her skin and the way she gasped each time he smacked her had made his cock unbearably hard.

Jay wanted nothing more than to sit her up on the countertop and fuck her until neither of them could think straight, but he had things that needed attended to first.

Namely, curing Kelly of her book aversion.

On second thought maybe his plan and his need to bury himself in her body could both happen together. He could totally use some good sex to help Kelly see books were still her buddies.

He knew how much that dive into the book had affected her, but he’d kept quiet. Just as he’d kept quiet about his desire to spank her again. Kink was something they could explore in depth, but first he wanted to give her something she’d lost.

Putting a little distance between them so he didn’t just push her to the ground and rut between her thighs, Jay stooped to pull up her pants.

“You know we can’t have sex if you put my pants back on, don’t you? I’ve seen a couple porn videos that show you can but…”

She started to mime a few things with her hands that made him burst out laughing.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting laughter. Definitely messes up the sexy mood I was aiming for.”

Kelly laughed along with him. He loved that they had an easy repartee and that he could laugh with her.

“I need you to be clothed for the next thing we’re going to do.” He held up his hand when she could’ve spoken. “And it is not ‘have sex’.”


Her face scrunched up then she relaxed back against the counter.

“So if we aren’t having sex, then what are we going to do next?”

Jay was practically bubbling over with excitement. “Something that’ll definitely get you back into the reading spirit.”

He wanted to pat himself on the back for the idea and couldn’t wait to see her response.


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  1. Posy Churchgate

    I am LOVING this series – I haven’t commented on the last few as I read them on my phone but I absolutely love your balance of confident BDSM behaviour mixed with a novice’s curiosity. Wonderful spin Cara – more please! xx

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