Tonal image of Cara in bed, one bare breast visible

Let’s see if I can continue on. Start: 1, 2, 3.

“I need you to trust me.” His breath in her ear made her cunt clench.

Pierre pulled her hips back, bending her forward. Cat pressed her palms into the door to keep from losing her balance as his thrusts increased.

The angle of his thrust changed and Cat had to stuff a hand in her mouth to keep from screaming. God, he was going to make her come. Her legs trembled and weakened as her climax approached. She bit her fist hard, her legs giving out as her body crested. It was only his arm around her that kept her from falling. His breath rushed across her face as he held her, never once breaking his stride even as her cunt gripped his cock. The low groan in her ear as he filled her with come made her sigh softly in response.

“Can you trust me? Just for a little bit.”

She let her head fall back on his shoulder, his arm a comfort around her waist. “Just for a little bit.”

He squeezed her. There was a strange warmth and comfort between them as they lingered there. Cat didn’t question it, but she prayed she wouldn’t regret it. Like her mother.

It took some time to tidy up, but there was no stopping the leak of cum down her thighs. She felt like a claimed woman as she stepped out of the room and Pierre lead her back into the ballroom, directing them to seats in the back as the auction started. He pulled her close, placing an arm around her shoulders so she was tight to his side.

“I love you like this.” She glanced up at him. “Your eyes are soft and you smell like sex.”

Cat felt her face heat and turned back to watch the stage. Her mind was split between a host of things, the biggest being how satisfied she was after that fuck. Chasing close behind it was the need to find Bruce. No amount of sex could quail her need for justice. But she said she’d trust Pierre so she tried to do that. Be patient and wait.

She’d only been paying minimal attention to the auction. They were giving away trips to islands and spas, so she didn’t care enough and Pierre wasn’t bidding. That changed when another ghost from her past appeared on stage to present the last item.

“Please welcome former Senator Philip Decado’s wife, Gloria Lamar.”

It was the arm holding her still that kept her from jumping up. Where were these people, people she hadn’t seen in years, coming from?

“It’s okay, Cat.”

She was struck dumb, taking her attention away from the monster on the stage. It was the first time he’d used her nickname. More than, the way he comforted her made her heart thump.

“Let the bidding begin.”

It was some expensive vacation to some such place that Cat didn’t care about. It was a surprise when Pierre started bidding though. The dizzying heights the price went up to boggled her mind.

“My god. You can just visit there for cheaper.” He laughed at her whispered dismay.

“Just trust me.”

It crept close to nearly six figures before Pierre clenched it. The shock of it rendered Cat quiet for a moment.

“How much money do you have?”

“Too much. Let’s go collect my winnings.”

Horror dawned on her as she realized they’d have to come face to face with Gloria. He pulled her to her feet, leading her to the stage to receive the prize. Confronted with the reality of actually seeing this woman, Cat felt like she was going to faint.

“Pierre, I don’t think I can.”

He turned back to her, a glint in his eyes. “Do it for me, Cattleya.”

It took a lot to swallow down her nerves and follow him on stage, more to walk toward Gloria without her knees buckling. She let Pierre receive the envelope, standing just behind him and just out of the woman’s line of sight as he shook her hand. Cat watched as he leaned in to speak into Gloria’s ear, missing the way the woman stiffened.

“… soon.” That’s all Cat caught as he pulled away and wrapped an arm around her waist.

He was all smiles. Out of the corner of her eye, Cat didn’t miss the frozen smile on Gloria’s face.

“Stay with me tonight.” His hand caressed her side as the made their way off stage. “Please.”

She was surprised he asked so nicely and that she wanted to stay with him anyway. “Of course.”

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