Night shift 2 + No Brain Power = very short story. Back to the other story tomorrow.

She rolled to her stomach and scooted to the edge of the bed to plant her feet on the floor.

“Fuck me like this.” Flipping up her robe, she arched her back and spread her legs. “Please.”

She’d been quiet all day. Not unusual for her, but he could feel her restlessness. He didn’t ask what was on her mind, not when her wet cunt was pointed his direction.

He stepped between her thighs and placed his hand between her shoulder blades. She dropped her head and rubbed against him, her body sliding along his. He let his hand trail down her back and then under her robe to touch her soft skin.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Make me scream.”

Make her scream. Make her cry. Make her cum. He heard all that in her whispered words.

Gripping one of her hip hard, he teased her by running his cock between her labia. Her soft moan was too tempting. He was easing inside her, enjoying the way her moan grew long and breathy as he stretched her. It was hard not to savor the tight grip of her, their bodies flush together, his cock deep inside.

She murmured something he didn’t hear lost in his own pleasure, but she arched her back again and he got the picture. One hand on her hip and the other circling her throat, he pulled her up as he pulled out. He squeezed just a little as he thrust back in, cutting off her gasp.


More. He fucked her exactly how she liked when her mind was in this place. More. Her gasps were short, her tears splattering on his hand. More. Sweat covering their bodies as he tried desperately to push out whatever thoughts lingered on her brain and plant himself deeper inside her.


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