Sun Salutations

Contains: Voyeurism/peeping Tom. That’s what is on my mind apparently. And how I need someone to take photos of me in front of a window.

It was impossible not to look.

He told himself every night he shouldn’t watch. Every night he stood at his window, lights off, eyes trained up. He was already hard and she hadn’t appeared.

The flutter of the red curtain made his heart jump. Slender fingers wrapped around the edge of the curtain just seconds before they were pushed open.

At that angle, her huge Bay windows gave him a perfect view of her body. Half undressed, she stood with her blouse undone, white bra stark against her dark skin. She turned away, her shirt disappearing as she let it slip off her shoulders. He held his breath as she unzipped her skirt, releasing it on a groan when she bent over.

“Pink thong.” He squeezed his cock through his shorts.

He could sink his teeth into her ass. Follow each bite with kisses until he’d made his way to her cunt. God, he’d bury his face deep as she bent over. He’d worship her.

Stripped to her skin, he watched as she stretched in front of the window. That’s how he’d seen her the first time. Though her apartment was slightly higher up, facing the back of the building, his was positioned in the right spot to look into her place. He’d felt guilty the first time, but he’d been too captivated to stop himself from looking.

Her body, between those blood red curtains, worshipping the setting sun, made his mouth water and his body ache. He had dreams about her. Tame ones of her stretching and not so tame ones of fucking her against those windows. He wanted to know what her voice sounded like the second he slipped inside her.

She turned away again, back to him, and right into a forward bend. Her thighs were spread and he took his cock out as she stayed bent. She’s be soft, receptive, wet, willing. He came to the image of her arching her back, his cock buried deep as she faced the sun.

He was catching his breath as her yoga session ended. Her hands pressed together in prayer, she bowed to the sun. Usually she shut the curtain after, but today she lingered at the windows. Her eyes scanned the area before landing on him. The breath froze in his body as he wondered if she saw him. Her eyes didn’t waver, his heart thudding in his chest

There was a smile on her face as she looked his way and then she was gone, the curtain sliding into place


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