Old photo, but a shot I’ve never used.

“Isn’t she pretty?”

Fingers traced her parted lips then trailed down her neck. She kept her eyes closed and her body still. The man stooped down in front of her. His cologne surrounded her, filling her lungs with each inhale.


She reacted to her Master’s command, cupping her breasts in offering and parting her legs. Her nipples hardened to tight points under their stares. A soft exhale slipped from her mouth when one was pinched.

“She’s very very responsive. Check for yourself.”

One long finger teased between her labia. She was wet. She was always wet and ready for her Master or anyone he offered her to. Her heart pounded in anticipation.

“Tell him what you want.”

She opened her eyes, staring at the man who she hoped would be fucking her shortly.

“I want you to use me, Sir.”


  1. missy

    What a brilliant image and snapshot into that scene – I was right there with you. I have missed your writing and I hope that you are well. missy x

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