Into the cage

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

Follow up

Just as he fired, I dropped to the ground, sending my gun skittering along the floor.

Muffled screams filled the room as I scrambled backwards. My back hit the cage and I felt her banging against the back of it. The door shut and I heard heavy footsteps approaching. I kept my penlight on, needing an idea of where he was in the dark.

I needed something. Anything to defend myself. I refused to die in this fucking cellar.

“You’re very pretty. Perhaps when I’m done with this doll…”

She started clanging and banging her body in earnest behind me. Another shot fired off and I scrambled to the side.

Sweeping my hands around, I felt something round maybe made of glass. Grasping it, I crawled backwards toward the wall, tucking myself in the corner between it and the cage.

“I can’t help that I want to hurt her. Or you. I see you, so pretty, and I want to capture you in more than my camera. I have to make you mine.”

Cue the serial killer monologue. I squeeze the glass in my hand, harder and harder as he fires off shots randomly. He’s getting closer and I’m seriously regretting not at least bringing Mick along.

“I’ll enjoy cutting you open though. You’ll be my favorite doll by far.”

I squeezed the glass so hard it shattered in my hand. The edges sliced through my palm. I felt the blood as it dripped down my wrist, but I ignored it and the pain.

He continued babbling, talking until he was within touching distance of me.

“Will you be my perfect doll? I believe you will.”

I felt the tip of the gun press to my forehead. It was hot from his last shot, singeing my skin.

“Fuck you, dickhead.”

I sprung forward, slicing at his wrist and then his groin with the glass. He tried to avoid me, but I was fast.

He stumbled to the side, into the cage, his blood rushing out to coat the floor. When he would’ve recovered, the girl rocked the cage and sent him to the ground. The gun fell near my feet.

Grabbing it with my uninjured hand, I put a bullet in his thigh to keep him from getting up. I took out my phone and dialed the precinct.

“I need a unit to Signs Photography now!”

I spout off the address as I keep the gun trained on him. Feeling around, I unlatched the cage to let her out.

She immediately shuffled out and kicked him in the balls. Okay, he definitely deserved that. When she went to kick him again, I stopped her. Instead, I undid the ropes binding her and send her to wait for backup. Once she was gone, I kept my eyes on him.

I knelt down, uncaring about the blood that stained my clothes, and pressed the gun to his forehead.

“Shoot me.”

I wanted to. I desperately wanted to wipe this shit stain off the face of the earth, but I couldn’t, wouldn’t, do it.

“Like fuck I will. You’ll do time like a man, you evil son of a bitch.”

The quick death was too good for him. This man needed to rot in jail.


  1. Posy Churchgate

    Great end to his reign of terror Cara – and wonderful build of tension. I am sure there is more as your Hannibal type is still around, obsessing about the detective, please squeeze some more drops out of this delicious story!

  2. Elliott

    Exciting action, liked the girl banging around in the cage, so believable, Cara. Love this line and all that led up to it… Okay, he definitely deserved that. Can’t wait to get to the next chapter.

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