Better if you obey

Book of secrets

Watching Jay being led away really fucked with Kelly’s head.

Her chin was covered in the queen’s come, but every ounce of arousal was gone as she worried about him going to the village. The flashes of recollection she had weren’t fabulous, but she knew that he faced a public auction. She also knew the town folks were far rougher than the royalty in the palace.

A hand gripped her bicep, lifting her to her feet. The queen halted her handler from leading her off with a raised palm.

The lavish gown she’d been wearing dropped down around her thighs as she stood. Kelly felt dazed, her brain refusing to reengage as the queen advanced on her.

One long finger caressed her cheek before sliding along her lips. Kelly found herself opening her mouth so that finger could enter. The queen held her gaze as she made a simple demand.


As if from a distance, she did as she was commanded.

“He won’t be gone for long. Just enough time to discover the parts of himself he’s been ignoring.”

Kelly couldn’t really comprehend what the woman was saying. Every bit of her was focused on sucking that finger as though it was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.

“While he’s gone, I think you’ll learn a little about yourself this time.” The queen tweaked her nipple, making Kelly release her suction when she gasped. “Time in the kitchen is exactly what you desire, isn’t it, my sweet submissive?”

“Why?” Kelly panted with a mounting need to be fucked.

“Because it’s what you need. Isn’t that why you came to me in the first place?”

Kelly didn’t know. She didn’t know anything beyond the unbearable ache in her cunt. Some distant part of her mind thought she needed to be more worried about Jay, but she couldn’t pull that worry to the forefront.

“She’s to be of service to the kitchen staff. Tell cook her mouth creates wonderful things. She’ll put her to good use.”

The man leading her away didn’t even have to pull her along. Kelly found herself eager to be put to use. It was only right for her to be of service.

They stripped Jay of his clothing after leading him through a winding pathway out to the courtyard. It was humiliating to be laid bare, to be so out of control.

His hands were bound behind his back then a cock ring was fitted around his cock by a man with rough hands. The point of it, he wasn’t sure, but he did the wise thing and kept his mouth shut.

After that, they loaded him on to a cart full of hay with four other similarly trussed men and three woman who had their breasts bound. One of the woman was sobbing hysterically, her blond hair sticking to her face. He needed to console her and moved to sit beside her.

When they started out of the palace grounds and down the road, Jay tried to calm her.

“It’s okay.”

Red rimmed eyes turned on him. “It’s not okay. Do you not know what happens to those sent to town?”

Jay had no idea, but had gathered from Kelly’s reaction that it wasn’t good. Letting fear get the better of him was a guaranteed way to lose focus. He wasn’t going to let it.

“No, I don’t know, but that doesn’t change the situation. We just need to stay strong.”

She sniffed, leaning in to her as they bumped along the road.

“But what if we end up being sold to someone abusive and have to endure three months of being beaten?”

Oo-kay. Jay wasn’t sure what she meant by that. Sold. They were set to be sold. This sounded less and less appealing the longer this went on. He’d have to figure it out on the fly.

“Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

He felt stupid even saying that. Maybe because he knew he and Kelly would be out of this book once he figured out what the gypsy meant. Or maybe because he’d endured worst at the hands of foster parents. Three months of beatings was small potatoes.

A bit of old fear threatened to swamp him. That reminder that he was helpless and no one could save him bubbled up. He squashed that shit down, now wasn’t the time to deal with the past.

“What’s your name?” He pressed a thigh to hers to distract her. “I’m Julius.”


“How did you come to be here?”

She stared off into the distance, her expression stormy. “I’m from the furthest kingdom to the south. Youngest daughter of a king that the Queen helped in war.”

“Did you not have a choice?”

“Queen Eleanor is not one to be denied when she has offered aid. This is how I keep my kingdom safe.”

Jay understood the emotions in her voice and what she didn’t say. It’s sacrifice for the betterment of others.

“You’re a good daughter.”

Turning forward him, her face open and earnest. “It’s the only use for a younger daughter.”

Her words hit him hard. Jay felt a fierce need to refute those ugly words. He identified too much with this character.

“No, no, Marta. There’s so much value that you have, do not doubt that truth.”

“Thank you, Julius.” A small turned up her lips.

Something changed on her face as she looked up at him. He could see the flicker of emotions as she really saw him, her eyes moving over his body.

“Thank you.”

It was funny to see thoughts communicated so clearly on a person’s face. Jay watched as lust started to cloud her face and it was a slow motion movement as she began to descend on his cock.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m thanking you. It’s only right.”

Her breath fanned over his flaccid cock, causing it to twitch to life. She lipped up his shaft until she reached the tip. Licking at the head, Marta moaned as his cock started to move off his thigh.

There was this weird kinship he felt with her. That’s the reason he told himself as he watched half his cock disappear into her mouth.

“You don’t–” a bump in the road sent her further down until her could feel her throat close around him. “Have to do this, Marta.”

“You understand me,” she breathed when she pulled back, his cock standing tall. “You know what it’s like to be given away and forgotten.”

Forgotten. The word stung and threatened to bring up more ugly memories. Marta’s mouth distracted him before they could swamp him.

Jay cried out when she swallowed around him, drawing him a little deeper. Tears flowed down her face for a different reason as he thrust up.

Turmoil and lost roiled in his gut as she brought him to the brink. He couldn’t go over and frustration added to the feelings needling him.

He was so focused on her wet mouth, he missed them pulling into the center of town. If he had, he would’ve noticed the people gathered. Instead he saw his cock, painfully red, shiny with saliva, and swollen.

The situation changed when they were pulled from the cart, Marta detaching herself from his cock as she was marched away. He knew innately he’d never see her after this.

They separated the men from the women before they were all lead down the dirt path to the stage in the center of town. Chains were placed around their ankles and bolted to the wooden platform.

Jay looked around. The village did not benefit from the luxuries of palace life and it was evident everywhere he looked. Dirt roads and some rundown buildings. Not every house or business looked poor, but this wasn’t the high life.

It was the people that made him nervous. They were a fucking mob. Dirty faces mingled with the more made up ones. The thing that made his gut clench was the absolute lustful greed that clouded each and every gaze, whether they were clean or filthy.

A man, who Jay quickly learned was the mayor, appeared at the podium. The short man seemed to command the stage.

“We’ve got a fresh batch of royalty here for sale for whatever use you may have for them. As you know, only the highest bidder will win.”

Someone stood behind Jay and kicked his legs open. He tried tamping down the panic, but the past was determined.

“Our first specimen.” A hand reached around to stroke up and down until his flagging cock sprung back to life. “A quick response time.”

A terrible memory surfaced. Him, a boy just on the edge of adolescence, and hands touching in the darkness. Worse, the helpless feelings that came from being cattle.

“Good ropy muscle, lovely cock, beautiful body.”

His vision grayed a little and he felt his breath saw out of him. Fuck, he felt an attack coming on. He hadn’t had one in ten years.

The gavel sounding jolted him out of his panic. “Sold to The Stable.”

Jay glanced through the crowd as a tall man, taller than him by far, broke through the crowd. He was muscled, his long stride eating up the distance. Dressed in thick brown pants and a white shirt, he looked every bit the rancher.

“Congratulations on your bid, Master Simon.”

Bounding up the stage, he laid down cash before securing a collar around Jay’s neck. Before he could resist, the man was marching him off the stage. When they reached another cart, he put up a fight. It was quickly subdued by the much bigger man who wrangled him in the cart and onto his knees. Simon used the O ring on Jay’s collar to clip him to the railing.

A slap to his ass stilled him.

“Don’t give me trouble, boy. We’ll get on better if you obey.”

He was left alone in the bed of the cart, trembling with fear. First time in a long time, Jay was worried he’d lose all control.


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