Used Car Salesman

Something like this. It made me hot writing it shockingly.

“Car’s a real beaut, if you can’t tell.”

“Look-“ She glanced at his name tag before meeting his eyes. “Todd, I’m looking for a specific type of vehicle at a specific price.”

He straightened at her tone, his chest puffing out. He crossed his arms over his chest and she admired the muscles beneath his very off-white dress shirt. Cynthia liked the look of him, but tried to keep her desire off her face. Best to save it until the right time.

“Well, uh, what kinda car are you looking for exactly. I’m sure we got it. Winchester Auto has what you need.”

“I bet you do.” She didn’t suppress her smile. “I’m pretty sure I saw it in the back lot. Could you show me around back there?”

They strolled toward the back of the huge lot, passing many cars that he tried to sell her. She nodded at some and ignored others. He was good, never showing his frustration. They finally stopped at a smaller SUV on the last row that butt against the trees along the edges of the lot.

“I like this one. The black is shiny.”

She patted the front door and ran her hand along the side. He took the bait and launched into his spiel.

“Usually this one goes for over sixty grand, but for you we’d knock it down to thirty-five. I’m sure you’ve got great credit so it wouldn’t be hard to hook you up with the payments you need.”

“Can you open it up for me?”

He produced a key and Cynthia slipped it out of his hand. Opening the door, she started to climb up in it, stopping when she was bent forward over the driver’s seat. She heard his slight intake of breath and knew he’d gotten an eyeful of her naked cunt.

“Explain these controls. I don’t think I’ve seen them before.”

She felt his heat against her thighs as he stepped close. Tilting her ass up so it grazed the front of his trousers, she kept her attention on the console. She fingered the gear shift and touched the buttons on the wheel.

“What’s this?” She reached for a button on the side of the console out of his direct sight.

Cynthia could feel his hesitation and spread her thighs as she rose up on tiptoe. Come on, she urged him silently. She wiggled and reached and waited for him to give in. When he finally did, pressing his clothed cock into her ass, Cynthia bit her lip.

He draped himself over her back, his breath on her cheek as he touched the button she was fingering. “That opens a compartment to store things.”

“Interesting.” She rocked back against him. “Can you show me what you can stuff in there?”

There was a brief loss of contact before he was back against her, the head of his cock sliding up and down between her labia. She pressed her cheek into the leather seat, her eyes closing tight as he eased into her cunt. The stretch had her biting her lip to keep from moaning. She barely heard the sound of something opening over the hard thump of her heart.

“You see,” he whispered in her ear. “it’s big enough to take something decent sized.”

“Decent size?”

He slipped a hand between her and the seat to squeeze her breast through her shirt.

“I bet, if I tried, it could fit more.”

Fuck. She wanted to wiggle and move against him, but he pinned her down. He was gripping her hips and making short, hard thrusts. She felt full and the smell of the leather in her nose made it that much more satisfying.

Cynthia started whimpering with each thrust. His hand clamped over her mouth, cutting off the noises she made.

“The engine purrs when it’s on, but it’s totally silent in the car.”

He nipped a her ear and groaned when she spasmed around him. “I’m hoping if I show you all the nice features, you’ll be eager to ride this baby out of the lot.”

The angle of his thrust changed again and Cynthia came with a muffled wail. She felt her sweat and her cum coating her thighs and the seat beneath her. The scent would linger on the leather, and thought that prolonged her climax. His heaving breath on her face as he came inside her smelled of coffee and cigarettes. She drew it into her.

“I’ll take it.”

He lifted off of her, out of her, his cum warm inside her. “Let’s go back and sign the papers.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him as he stuffed his cock back into his trousers. He was more rumpled then when she’d first walked into the showroom and she hide her smile.

“Is there time for another test drive before I take it off the lot?”


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