Flash 12

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“Hands by your side. Don’t hide from me.”

A flash of irritation hits me at his words. Hide from him? He made it sound like I was keeping secrets instead of covering up the rolls. Damn hard anyway since there are so many.

It’s impossible to control the displeasure shifting my features and like the overly intuitive man he is, my inner thoughts are found out.

“Stop.” I freeze at his sharp command. “If you continue along that particular train of thought, you’ll earn that gorgeous ass you hate a spanking.”

I’d normally be on board, but the hard set to his features told me I wouldn’t enjoy one second of it. I shift on my feet, trying to halt the thoughts tumbling through my head. This level of vulnerability almost hurt. Not because of my nudity. No, being naked has never bothered me even with my every changing amount of fat. It was the way he looked at me and saw to my soul that made me want to panic.

It didn’t help that he was as fit and gorgeous as always, and fully clothed to boot.

“Turn around and show me that ass love so much.”

I debate refusing. The tiger strips on my ass would be on display and I’m not sure I can handle scrutiny. He softens for a moment as he watches me struggle. A big hand circles my throat, his grip unthreatening but firm. He tips my chin up and commands my gaze for several beats. Just the way he looks at me… I swallow hard at the emotion, love and deep desire, in his dark eyes.

“You’re mine, baby. You’re mine no matter what you look like or think you deserve. I want you, I want you.” His eyes burn and his grip tightens. “This beautiful body with its curves belongs to me. I want to admire how stunning it is, every inch. I’m not asking you to understand, but as mine you’ll do as I ask. Turn around. Show me that ass.”

He releases me and I turn. I feel the command, the desire, in my core. There’s no killing the anxiety when I’m not looking at him though. I fidget as soon as I face away. My body jiggles and I reach behind to hide it, a mistake. Which does nothing to help me when his hand lands on one of my fleshy cheeks with a crack.

“Shit,” I breathe out with a gasp.

That hand is back, this time at the nape of my neck holding me still. “Shit is right, little girl. You’re going to earn yourself a serious spanking if you cover another part of your body up. Though you may get one anyway before I’m through.”

I gulp because that deadly soft tone of his tells me I’m in serious trouble.

“I’m sorry.” I can only whisper. I’m suddenly overwhelmed by my emotions. “I can’t do this.”

His hand tightens on my neck, holding me still. Keeping me from bolting I’m sure. I feel the other trail down my back, over the curve of my ass, and right to my pussy. In spite of how I was feeling, I was so wet for him. It was almost embarrassing to feel how easily his fingers slipped between my labia.

“Your body is on board, but your mind isn’t. Maybe I should spank you hard to shut all that over thinking down.” He teased my clit until I give the uncontrolled moan he seeks.

I close my eyes, finding it hard to concentrate with him playing me so well. “You don’t understand…”

The tap, tap, tap at my clit has me shuddering and widening my stance.

“What’s to understand? You have a problem with your body, I disagree with your assessment of yourself and plan on helping you see things differently.”

Anger fought with lust for a place in the forefront of my mind. It won far too easily.

“Fuck you. You–” My hand flew to my mouth but it was too late to take that back. “I’m sorry…”

His hand stilled for a breath before continuing with renewed vigor. “Oh no, please finish.”

I was in the danger zone. His voice was my warning; low and soft. I considered refusing, but the hand at my nape told me I’d only make things worse.

“You’re perfect. Fit, handsome.” My thoughts pick up steam with my need and I can’t stop them from tumbling out of my mouth now. “You’re a fucking cliché and fit the standard for beautiful. I’m not that. I’m just not.”

I feel defeated, my momentum gone with my confession.

His hands leave my body and I’m too scared to turn around. Then he presses to my back, hot and hard, having shed his clothes faster than I thought possible. I can feel the muscles of his chest and stomach, bare and delicious against my back. His cock nestles between the full cheeks of my ass, eager and seeking. He wraps an arm around my waist and the other, the one that always comforts me, around my neck.

“How I feel about you matters. I want you, don’t you feel that?”

My eyes burn with tears. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel like I’m cracking open in front of him. “It’s just hard to change how I see myself.”

“Let me help you.”

I can’t speak, but I let him walk me forward to the bed. I let him bend me so my ass is exactly where he wants it. I open for him when he touches me. I cry out for him when the width of his cock teases and then stretches me wide.

Jeezus how he stretches me. The push of him inside my body speaks volumes. He coaxes me, stoking the fire in me so high I feel like I’ll burst into flames. To have him there, embedded so deep, unravels me.

His hand is a steady force at my throat as he overwhelms me. I need it, need that power to remind me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful to me.” His harsh words in my ear send me flying.

I open myself so I can feel how he sees me.


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      Cara Thereon

      I’ve thought things like this. Feel this way often. In many ways, you have to believe you’re sexy without anyone’s help, but it’s nice knowing someone feels this way about you

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  1. Dawn D

    Ah! Yes, it’s nice when we find that person who makes us feel like we are perfect the way we are!
    It is indeed great to let them help us see it for ourselves. Words can be powerful, if we’re willing to listen to them…

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      1. Dawn D

        Yes. First you need to find the special someone who will be willing to say these words, and then you need to be ready to hear them and try to believe them. It does take time. But it happens. 🙂

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  2. Fatal


    I made the mistake of reading this at work. I am now sobbing in the bathroom. This is so raw and so real, and cuts me right to the core. Sir and I have been here many times, almost word for word, because no matter what he or anyone else sees, I notice every ounce of extra anything, every imperfection.

    I’m touched by this, so deeply.

    This is such a fine piece of writing.


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  3. A-Ku

    Truly lovely. Beneath the eroticism, I love the deeply human feeling. Like I said in another post-comment, your stories have very human character to them and I love it.
    As someone who has struggled with weight and body image since childhood, the feeling here really hit a lot of familiar notes – regardless of gender, some things can be universal in how they affect us.

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      Cara Thereon

      I aim for the feelings more than the sex many times. Sex is the vehicle, but the feelings is what makes it a story for me. If I don’t feel something when I write, I usually can tell it won’t be well received.

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