Flash 13

He couldn’t love her anymore then he did in this second and the thought scared the shit out of him.

The way her naked body tucked against his side, her breath brushing his chest while her hair teased his face. The relaxed way she let her arm lay along his flank, her leg thrown over his as though worried he’d drift away while she slept. All pointed to her offering of self.

He’d never leave though. Not when her warmth beckoned him. Not when she placed such trust in him to protect her. To love her.

When his feelings changed, he didn’t know. He never thought he’d find someone who inspired more than lust in him. Love had always made him uncomfortable in ways he couldn’t explain. If he was honest, the thought of having someone depend on him had always freaked him out. The responsibility, the vulnerability, made his teeth ache. He’d learned to rebuff attempts to draw him out and into deep emotions.

She… She’d slipped by his barriers, leaving him defenseless against love.

Hell, his feelings were turning him into a damn romance novel. Even as he scowled at the ceiling at the thought, there was no denying the truth. She’d surprised him by sticking around. He was a moody, surly asshole half the time and uncommunicative the rest. Her initial persistence had unnerved him and he’d repayed her with anger, but she didn’t back down.

He’d found himself talking, no, arguing with her. Things he told no one else tumbled from his lips when he stepped into her presence. Learning the level of her tenacity and intelligence made her linger in his mind. She was so different from the majority of the people in his life he couldn’t ignore her.

It became easy to seek her out, the need almost unconscious. They ran in the same circles so seeing her out and engaging her became a compulsion. What would she wear? What had her day been like? Would her dark eyes sparkle when she saw him?

Social gatherings became solo dates and things progressed until he needed to be near her. Having her close, knowing her, became priority.

But love? Now that one snuck up on him.

She stirred beside him, snuggling into him. His body took the subtle movements as its cue to come to attention. His cock knew exactly what it wanted and his emotions screamed its need to connect with her.

He should let her sleep…

“Wake up, baby.”

She murmured softly in her sleep at the feeling of his fingers tickling along her thigh. Her legs spread to give him access and he groaned when he touched her damp curls. He turned until he had her beneath him, his cock gliding between her labia and over her clit, coaxing more wetness to the surface. Her soft sigh was his undoing.

He was plunging into the warmth of her body with the next thrust. Looking down at her beautiful face, he watched  her eyes flicker open. The soft adoration in her gaze and sleepy smile lit his insides. She was right there with him and bright emotion constricted his chest. The remnants of sleep giving the clearest view of the depth of her emotions. It was glorious and frightening.

He saw the intensity of everything he felt mirrored back and it was beautiful beyond words.


  1. A-Ku

    You’ve really stretched your wings in a lot of ways with these flash fiction pieces, quite a variety of human emotion and types – both in terms of the nature of the people and of the encounters they are in.

    Only one note: the first half of this is great and though the 2nd isn’t bad, it just feels like it could do with a wee bit of editing and rethinking how you’ve expressed certain thoughts. Not because they are not expressed well, just feel like it could be better.
    Sorry, your generally good writing has spoilt readers like me so I can’t help but note when in this rare instance there be something minor.


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      1. Kayla Lords

        If I want good editing, I’ll read a book (hopefully). Blogging is more about the expression of ideas – especially when you aren’t a professional blogger. The only time errors bother me is when they make it harder to read or understand what a writer is expressing. That is NOT the case here…it never is.

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