And C makes Three

One thing I’ve only recently thought about as I’ve entered into a relationship with DomSigns is the fact that technically I’m a third.

As most people are aware, Molly is Michael’s (DomSigns or Daddy’s) wife and submissive. I admire and look up to their relationship. They’re one of the few kink-centered couples that I am closely acquainted with, that has a solid relationship. Not perfect, but so good that it’s an example of what I long for in marriage. Because of the nature of things, I am the other woman.

First, let me say that I don’t think the term “other woman” truly applies here. That terminology implies that I’m a secret, or that Molly is unaware of my presence, or that I’m something “dirty” to be hidden and seen on the weekend. None of those things are true. Molly is very aware of me and encourages/supports the relationship I have with Daddy. It’s not a secret aside from what I don’t tell those who probably wouldn’t understand. I’m a little bit of a dirty girl, but not a dirty secret. So I’m another piece to their puzzle I suppose.

A third implies I play with both parties. At the moment, I’m interacting with Daddy and Molly is very present (or vice versa). I’ll stop there and say our play is evolving. Look for future posts to understand.

Honestly, before I visited, much of my interaction was between Daddy and I solely. Molly was aware and when we’d call, we’d all chat, but he and I talked predominately. When I showed up, things changed a bit. The first thing I noticed was how easily I fit into their space both physically and emotionally, which surprised me. I had a spot on the sofa, and I slipped into moments of play without a problem, and I felt welcomed and happy. When I left, I was almost as upset to say bye to Molly as I was Daddy. It felt good and right and lovely to be with both of them, in different ways.

It wasn’t until I returned that I had thoughts about what my role was in the dynamic, we talk so much as a group. To be loved by this man is very special considering he gives his love to few people.

I’ve held a deep attraction to men in committed relationships. You see they have the capacity to truly care for someone without getting scared and running away. They know how to support a partner and it’s obvious in how they love their significant other. They’re solid, and that draws me in ways I can’t always explain. Unfortunately, some men are shit at being decent guys and sticking around. They see a woman with emotions who wants to stick with them and they bugger off so fast it’s ridiculous. Oh, they may wake up and cleave to someone at some point, but that someone has never been me.

Is there safety in attaching myself to a married man? I’m not sure I’d call this safe. We could arrive at a moment where he decides he’d rather just be with his wife or she decides she doesn’t want to be bothered with her husband’s love being divided, and I’m left holding pieces of my heart. I don’t have the safety of a ring to give me a stated place in the dynamic. *Michael note: But she does wear my collar and that was not given lightly*

There is comfort here because the two people whose relationship I’m adding to are both open, honest, and giving. I don’t feel out of place or uncomfortable. They’ve given me the space to be honest about my fears, my desires, and my unstated longings.

I feel like I can grow and have grown in the last 6 months. Never have I been with someone who cares about me so much, cares about my future so much, or cares about what happens to me. It makes me feel so many emotions it’s insane.

There’s a lot of things I still want to talk and think about on the topic of Daddy and kitten. I have a story brewing about something that interests me greatly. Thanks for coming along as I explore.

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  1. Molly

    I don’t think any relationship is perfect because humans are not perfect but the key is finding the right person(s) for you and I am glad that you feel you have that with Michael and that I get to share in that relationship with you both


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  2. May More

    I too am finding your journey very interesting and really like you sharing it with us all. Life is a voyage filled with experiences – all three of you are involved in this one, each of you looking out a different window. Fascinating …

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  3. Cousin Pons

    Cara, thank you so much for writing this. It was an aspect of life I really had no knowledge of and am so grateful to you for explaining it in your clear, very readable prose. I feel like a bit of a nincompoop for not realising that the life you describe existed.

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      Cara Thereon

      Well I don’t think calling yourself a nincompoop is fair considering most people aren’t aware of the dynamic.

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