Please remember, resisting is a crime

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

“Hands on the hood, ma’am.”

“But, officer, I haven’t-”

He pressed the pistol into her side as he leaned into her back. She froze, his breath blew along her cheek.

“I said, ‘hands on the hood.’ Don’t move or I’ll have to take you down.”

She pressed her hands to the hood and didn’t fight when he pushed until her cheek touched the hot metal.

“Do you have anything in your pockets that could hurt me?”


He kicked her legs apart, his hands feeling up along her thighs before cupping her through her leggings.

“Anything here, ma’am.”

She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. The rending of fabric pulled a startled cry from her. His thick fingers invaded her cunt just as shock settled over her.

“No panties. That’s public indecency. I’m going to have to take you, ma’am.”

The satisfied chuckle he gave made her squirm. His fingers disappeared.

He pushed her legs wider and stepped between. Her heart beat quickened when he drew her arms behind her back and snapped on the cuffs. His radio crackled briefly and then silence as he shut it off.

His cock slide to the hilt without much resistance. The soft sigh he gave as he filled her floated in the air.

“Please remember, resisting is a crime.”

She bite her lip and closed her eyes.


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  1. elliott

    this is electrifying cara two ways you could read it she liked or she didn’t i think the latter is more powerful and the way you intended I’m reading your stories now and yes i am typing one handed thank god for spellcheck

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