Very Unlike Her

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

Helen looked a bit harried when she sat down at the cafe table. Ten minutes late? Very unlike her.

“You alright?”

Renee summoned the waiter over as Helen tried to compose herself.

“It was… I…”

She stopped to order, smoothing her blonde hair down while Renee looked on in concerned. The usually tidy woman was anything but with her floral dress buttons misaligned and her nipples poking obscenely through the fabric.

Renee noted the kiss swollen red lips and dazed express, and had to wonder if Helen’s dating life had suddenly gotten spicy.

“It was…” she looked around before leaning forward and whispering, “a tentacle monster.”

That brought the other woman up short.

“Excuse me, what?”

Helen blushed bright red, her nipples seeming to protrude further.

“Tentacle monster. I’d stopped by the aquarium on my way here and he, it, stopped me by the octopi exhibit. It’s definitely not imaginary.”

Renee gaped at Helen as she pinched her nipple and carried on her story.

“It held me to the side of the tank while the octopi watched, and used its… its tentacles in all my…”

Helen shuddered, her other hand disappearing beneath the table.

“I… I didn’t even know you could put something in there.”

Renee felt her own face heat as Helen rocked in her seat. There was a twinge of curiosity that she shook off. Helen was obviously having a break.

Her very proper friend having a wank over a supposed tentacle monster? Very unlike her.


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