Lost at sea

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Something for KoTW, which is the sea, using today’s storyin12 words.

Warm sea water surrounded her, welcoming her after her stint on land.

The water rushed past her face as she dove down. When she reached the darker water, the creatures of the deep blinking their bioluminescent light, she turned around and shot herself back to the surface.

She felt the strong muscles of her tail fin propelling her forward. The sea tickled her skin as she moved like a torpedo.

When she breached the surface, she drew in a breath and gave a cry of joy. A dolphin answered in the distance, and then another as her call of happiness floated over the water.

Her fluke splashed on the surface before she dove down again.

The second time she tried to dart to the bottom, something tried to bring her back to the surface. Had she gotten caught in a net or hook?

Every time she tried to swim away, she was yanked closer to the surface.


She tried to cry out, but only bubbles came out. Her voice…

“Play time.”

His fishy breath in her face shook her out of her daze. She whimpered as he pulled on a chain and hoisted her tightly bound legs straight into the air.

He didn’t warm her up before he started fucking her. The cry she gave was nothing like the joyful one in her daydream.

How long had she been there? Her blurry eyes darted around the dim room. She could barely remember the feel of the water, the sun, or tail pumping…

She was a mermaid. She was a mermaid. Surrounded by the sea, safe and free. She had to keep reminding herself before he reduced her to a hole to be fucked.

He gave her a hard knock against her head, forcing her to open eyes she hadn’t realized she’d closed.

“Uh uh, I caught you. Can’t get away from me no matter what you do, girl.”

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  1. May More

    Oh – another story in here i think – mine was about a mermaid too – isn’t the English language odd – dove rather than dived – but learned rather than learnt and i like whilst rather than while but not many do- AH!

    1. Post
  2. Jo

    This freaked me out a bit! I’m hoping it’s a rape fantasy and not a mermaid actually being raped! Or, as I read it, a human woman being raped who’s escaping the rape mentally by imagining herself as a mermaid…

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