I walk past her face

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Something for FriFlash and Storyin12 on this last day of August.

I walk past her face and I always remember that day.

A mural of Audrey H.

“Meet me at the corner of fifth and East, at nine o’clock tonight. No panties.”

Why I obeyed, I couldn’t say, but I found myself walking to that corner. This stranger who aroused me with his written words. It was his wit I found sexy, the way he turned a phrase.

My naked cunt beneath my dress spilled wetness along my thighs as I walked, even as nerves roiled in my belly.

A blaze of color, Audrey Hepburn stopped me just before that corner. Or maybe it was my nerves again. I found myself stalled there, staring up at her face and contemplating this moment.

Thoughts of turning back circled in my head.

“But if you leave, you’ll never know if I was worth the time you’ve invested, will you?”

I turned to find him just to my right. Less colorful than the mural behind me, but with an aura that drew me just as strong.

“And I’ll never know if you’re the well behaved girl you claim to be or the nasty girl I believe you are.”

He stepped in close and I didn’t back away. The feeling of his hand sliding up my thigh is a sensation burned into my memory. His fingertip brushed wet flesh before retreating, and I shuddered with so much suppressed need.

“Definitely a nasty girl.” His lips brushed my ear and I was his.

I can’t help thinking of him when I pass her.

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