A strange fear descended

Book of secrets

“But I’m not searching for anything.”

That was the first thing she said when she came to and found herself naked and kneeling before a queen’s throne.

Frustration bubbled up. Kelly hadn’t believed she needed anything before. Meeting Jay could be deemed as finding a nice thing. He’s definitely been a surprise she wasn’t anticipating. One could even argue falling into the book was worth it if it meant having him in her life.

Cue melty Kelly.

None of that explained why she was back in a book now. What could she possibly need now? And where was Jay?

Kelly wasn’t sure if she could handle being in this book alone. Weird to wish this impending disaster on her beau, but sharing was caring in her mind.

It was time to figure this out quickly and get the hell out of this book before she ended up in the village. The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy may be one of her favorite classic erotic novels, but she wasn’t sure she was up to the stark reality of what could happen to her in this world.

Glancing around the hall, Kelly tried to find Jay in the crowd. Not an easy task.

There was a sea of people. Kneeling beside her was a row of men and women, naked as she was, with hands tied behind her back. They were in front of the queen’s throne, facing out toward the crowd. The looks on their faces matched the air of anticipation that filled the room.

Kelly’s nipples were tight and her cunt was starting to plump between her thighs at being on display. Talk about discovering something new about herself.

“These new princes and princesses need introduced to my kingdom, my service. Tributes from kingdoms near and far. They’ve been prepared and are ready to do my bidding.”

A hand grabbed Kelly’s hair and turned her to face the Queen. Kelly’s breath caught when she realized it was the gypsy sitting there. The queen smiled big when her gaze lit upon Kelly.

That bitch! Kelly silently seethed to once again be caught in a world she couldn’t figure her way out of. She really needed to have reread this book before this point.

“Their handlers will watch them, but they can not deny anyone whatever they desire.”

The hand holding her head pushed her forward. When she would’ve resisted, her eyes trained on the queen, another hand forced her down until her cheek was pressed to the stone step. The hand in her hair was replaced with a foot that prevented her from turning her head.

Her bare ass was up high and she knew everyone had a clear view of her wet cunt. It should’ve humiliated her to be displayed, but Kelly was more embarrassed by the fact that it only made her wetter.

“A few need softened up before they can play.” There was a pause as Kelly’s breath sawed out of her. “You, sir. Come here and assist me.”

Kelly saw booted feet pause at her step before continuing passed her.

“Ah, aren’t you handsome. I’m surprised you weren’t offered as tribute before.”

“I was. I’ve served my time, Your Majesty.”

It was Jay. Kelly felt a shiver of relief to know he was there.

“Perhaps I’ll have to press you into my services tonight, Prince.”

A growl rumbled from Kelly that surprised her. Okay, she most certainly wasn’t the jealous type, but the thought of that witch touching him made Kelly’s blood boil.

“For now, I require your service in a different way. You know what to do.”

A hush fell over the crowd and the level of excitement intensified.

Those booted feet moved passed her line of sight once more and she could see them positioned just behind her out of the corner of her eye. She heard swishing, a sound she couldn’t place well. It was almost like…

She nearly ripped her hair out trying to escape the fire that landed on her thighs. This was as bad as the strap Hock had taken to her back.

Another landed across her ass and she barely continued her scream. Tears welled as she tried to process the pain. What was he beating her with? Electrical wire?

“That’s the spirit,” the Queen cried. “Bring me that one. I have a need.”

Kelly braced for another, but the sound of clapping and a flurry of activity signaled the end of the spanking. Instead, Kelly was lifted to her feet and guided up the stairs to the throne.

Her handler pushed her to the ground between the queen’s open thighs. She flashed back to that moment in the previous book as the delicious scent of aroused woman hit her. Of the quick taste and the things it had awakened in her then.

Her cunt throbbed in response as fresh wetness slicked her labia.

Glancing up, Kelly saw the wicked gleam in the other woman’s eyes.

“You’ve come back. I was wondering when I’d see you next. I hope you weren’t trying to avoid me, dear.”

“Why am I here?” Kelly tried to keep her focus on her face. “I thought I found what I needed.”

The queen reached forward. Her thin fingers slid into Kelly’s hair, grasping at the root to hold her tight. She was pulled forward until she was within tasting distance of the queen’s hairless vulva.

“Who said this time was for you?”

Kelly’s eyes shot to hers, but the queen wasn’t looking at her. Jay was behind her somewhere, she could feel him. The grip in her hair prevented her from looking and she found she grew too distracted to want to find him right then. Her mind slipped away to other places when her mouth made contact with the queen’s cunt.

Just a little taste and then she’d get back to getting out of this book.

Jay watched it all unfold with a strange surreal feeling.

Being back in the book shocked him, but not as much as seeing his girlfriend kneeling naked. That shock morphed into something else when the queen beckoned him forward, handed him a switch, and commanded him to whip Kelly.

It should have felt wrong, hurting her in front of all those people. Instead, he’d enjoyed her cries of pain and the gasps of those behind him. It heightened his own arousal, his cock pressing painfully to the front of his trousers.

The people melted into the background as he watched Kelly be led up to the throne and pushed to her knees.

A female hand in Kelly’s hair had him inching closer.

Jay found himself creeping up the stairs, wanting to watch as lips met labia. The closer he came, the more obvious it was that Kelly wanted this.

They were talking as he approached, but he missed whatever it was Kelly said. The queen’s words reached him however.

“Who said this time was for you?”

The way her eyes zeroed in on him, as though he had a lesson to learn, unsettled him. He felt his heart skip a beat.

Kelly’s moan and the wet sucking of her mouth drew his gaze back down to her. The pleasure on her face, her eyes closed in rapture, made him reach for his cock.

“What are you seeking, my dear prince? What are you willing to do to have it?”

He couldn’t fathom what she meant. What was he seeking? In this moment, all Jay longed for was his release. His cock strained in his pants and Kelly’s singular focus had him opening his fly.

Even as he gripped his cock, the queen held his eyes. She arched, drawing Kelly’s face deeper between her thighs. A tremble racked her body, her lips parting as Kelly grew more vigorous.

“What do you seek?” She demanded.

His grip on his cock tightened, his mind too foggy to understand what she wanted from him.

The queen sat up straight, her eyes glowing the same way they had the first time they met.

“Until you find your way, in this book you will stay.”

Confusion and a touch of fear hit him hard. It triggered something in Jay, his balls drawing up tight and his cock spurting hard. Come hit Kelly’s back in long ropes, his hips thrusting forward into nothingness.

Both women shuddered at the same time. Kelly moaned her release into the queen’s cunt. The glazed look made Jay want to sink to the ground and fuck her from behind.

The queen caressed Kelly’s cheek before beckoning her handler forward.

“Take her to the kitchen so she may serve.” She turned her eyes back to him. “This one goes to town.”

That perked Kelly up. “Not town.”

“That’s where he’ll find what he needs.”

A strange fear descended as the guards grabbed his arms on either side.


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