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Any Sin

A side shot up Cara's naked body as she's on her side in bed in post tilted Song Bird

She was his most ardent fan, venturing out into even the filthiest places see him. Had following him from the start. That’s what she’d told him in her last letter to him. Your music does things to me. At night, I turn on your songs, and my body rises and falls to the sound of …

Fantasy Inc.

Full on view of a naked Cara sitting up in bed.

Continued. Kinda included the Bukkake/gangbang, so mind the cock. “Victoria?” Garret called out to her, but she was already in the middle of the group. They’d pulled a comforter out and pushed her down into the center of it. She started on her knees, the men circling her, cocks tenting their dirty slacks. A man …

Hot Lips

Lip licking

“You wanna see what I can do with a cherry stem?” She snagged the red fruit from her drink and popped the whole thing, stem and all, in her mouth. She wasn’t his type. A bottle blonde, enhanced in ways that usually turned him off. Worse, she could barely carry on a conversation, giggling and …