I’m In a very… sapphic state of mind.

“You look so soft.” Sara’s fingers itched to touch Petra, but she hesitated.

“Touch me and find out.”

Petra unbuttoned the front of her smock, peeling down the fabric so her breasts were on display. When Sara continued to hesitate, Petra reached over and grabbed one of her hands, and made Sara cup her breasts.

“You’ve been watching me. Anytime I walk into the office I feel your eyes on me. I wore that dress for you the other day.”

Sara remembered that dress. It came to mid thigh, bunching up higher whenever Petra sat down. Their desks were close so Sara couldn’t help noticing the length of exposed thigh. Or keep her eyes from falling into Petra’s cleavage any time she stood over her desk.

“Oh.” Sarah blushed at her own inane reply.

Shuffling closer, making sure to keep Sara’s hand pressed to her, Petra reached for her other hand and placed it against her free breasts.

“I’ve been hoping you’d ask me out, but you’re a shy one.”

“I’m… ah… I’ve never really been with a girl.” Sara’s hands closed reflexively, cupping and grasping a little harder.

It was impossible to bring her eyes away from her hands as the squeezed. The flesh dimpled on her hands and Sara’s mouth watered. Her mouth wasn’t the only thing extra wet.

Petra continued unbuttoning her smock until she could push it off her shoulders, leaving her bare except for some tiny panties. Sara swallowed, unsure where she wanted to touch first. Petra helped her out. One hand went into Sara’s hair, pulling her to her chest. Sara groaned, bringing the breast she held right to her mouth.

Petra tasted like the best salted treat Sara had ever had in her mouth. She sucked gently at her nipple then drew as much of her tissue into her mouth as she could. Tonguing and sucking hard as Petra moaned above her, Sara wanted to touch more of her. She switched breasts, leaving that one swollen and wet to give the other attention.

Stroking her hip, Sara swam in a hazy of lust-filled uncertainty. Petra helped her out again, guiding her hand down to her panty covered cunt.

Releasing her breast, Sara leaned back to see. The material was wet against her fingertips. Sara grew brave and pulled the gusset to the side to look at her. Dark labia furled out just enough to show coral pink inside. That one look wet Sara’s appetite. Pushing Petra forward so she lay back on the couch, Sara leaned down. Petra smelled amazing. She spread her apart and breathed her in.

“You look like you want to eat me.”

Sara wasn’t exaggerating about her experience with women. She was teeming with desire, but had no idea how to please her. Petra reached down to run her fingers through her hair. It made her a little less unsure, Petra had always been good at reassuring her.

She licked Petra from top to bottom and then latched on to her clit. Darting her tongue into her, Sara listened to the beautiful sounds Petra made and tried to act accordingly.

A little tug at her hair made Sara pause. “Come back up, I want to kiss you.”

“But I want you to cum.”

Petra laughed. “We’ll get to that. First, I want to kiss you. I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while now.”

Sara let her pull her up her body until she lay on top of her. Their breasts smashed together, their legs tangled, Sara stared down at her. For once, she made the first move, bringing their lips together. She wondered how Petra tasted to herself as she slipped her tongue into her mouth. She tasted salty and tart and so fucking delicious.

They were breathless when they broke apart, Petra’s hands were under Sara’s shirt. The snap of her bra released.

“I’m really glad I asked you over, Sara.”

Sara leaned up to pull her shirt over her head, tossing that and the bra on the ground. “Me, too.”


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