Any Sin

A side shot up Cara's naked body as she's on her side in bed in post tilted Song Bird

She was his most ardent fan, venturing out into even the filthiest places see him. Had following him from the start. That’s what she’d told him in her last letter to him.

Your music does things to me. At night, I turn on your songs, and my body rises and falls to the sound of your voice. I come for no one except you. My very heart beats because you tell it to.

Would she walk through broken glass to stare into his eyes? Of course she would, because she loved him. She loved him.

Smoky eyes in smoky bars, I look for my love
I live for that look you give when our hands touch
For the sound of your breath when I caress your skin
For you, I’d commit any sin

She leaned back in his bed, naked and waiting. She knew his schedule, knew his every move. As the knob turned, and the door swing in, her heart kicked up in wild anticipation. Thighs slick and nipples tight, she was ready for him.

“Who are you?”

His eyes weren’t welcoming, but she didn’t mind. He’d learn in time. She rose from his bed and crossed to where he stood in shock. He was too stunned to move when she pressed her body into his side and the knife to his stomach.

“I’m the one you’ve been waiting your whole life for. I’m the one who loves you the most.”


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