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Something for MM that I may continue. Could word prompts scattered in and I’m working up to hopefully doing to poll winner. There are hints of consensual non consent present.

“You sure you’re up for something like this?”

Was he? Garrett glanced over to where his girlfriend sat. He’d noticed the ways her body had reacted the moment they’d walked into the office. Victoria’s breathing had changed, he’d heard the quiver in her voice as she’d answered the woman’s questions. He saw the tight buds of her nipples through her sundress and the way she squirmed in her seat as the woman outlined what was to come. She was ready, but was he?

Victoria turned to meet his gaze. Her pupils were dilated, pushing the chocolate of her irises to thin slivers. She reached over to take his hand, squeezing it hard.

“Only if you want to, Garret. We do this together or we don’t do it at all.”

He thought about all the things he’d done with her since they’d met a year ago. The things she’d let him do to her. He could still hear the echo of her cries from the time she’d let him use his home made sex machine on her. The pictures of her body as a centerpiece covered in food during a party were still in his camera. Her cunt filled with his fist lived in his mind’s eye. Victoria did it all, took it all, with eagerness. He could launch into a lengthy rhapsody about all the filthy things she allowed him to do.

“I want to do this.”

It wasn’t a lie, he did want to do this. He’d been dreaming about it since she’d confessed her fantasy to him. It had made him hard to hear her say it as they’d laid in bed, her back to his front. He’d draped her leg over his thigh, pressed his face into her cinnamon-scented skin, and fucked her as she described her desires.

“I’m sure.” He squeezed Victoria’s hand back and stood up. “Let’s do it.”

The woman stood from behind her desk and straightened her suit. She’d already gone through the particulars of the contract, now it was all about the action.

“Follow me.”

They exited the well-appointed office, following the women down a long hallway. After passing a few unmarked doors, she stopped in front of a red one. She opened the door, but stopped them from entering, stepping in front of them so they couldn’t see inside the dark room.

“The fantasy goes until it reaches its natural conclusion. Both of you must consent to that.”

Victoria agreed readily. Garret had his second moment of doubt. What if he didn’t like how the fantasy went? The woman turned sharp eyes on him.

“Your agreed safeword is an out, but use it only as a last resort. All action stops, but the negotiated contract stands. You’ve paid in full and service is rendered the moment you agree. This is Fantasy Inc’s policy. Do you consent?”

Victoria squeezed his hand again. He knew what he was signing up for coming there. Hell, his cock was already half hard with anticipation. He nodded his agreement, but that wasn’t enough. The woman narrowed her eyes on him.

“I consent.”

She stepped out of the way and they both stepped into darkness.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Victoria was no longer holding his hand, but he knew she was nearby. He felt around, his hand touching a wall that he put his back against.


A light clicked on, blinding him for a moment. They were in a rundown bedroom, a single dirty mattress with rumpled sheets in the middle and various clothes scattered about the floor. Garret was repulsed. What filth would a black light reveal in this pigsty.

Garret was so focused on his surroundings, he missed the man that had entered the room. It wasn’t until he’d approached Victoria, placing an arm around her waist, that Garret reacted.

“Don’t fucking move, dickhead. Don’t wanna hurt your pretty girl. Not yet at least.”

Even as the man spoke, he was taking a knife to her dress, cutting the straps so her breasts spilled out. Garret tried to approach, but another guy appeared behind him. He was held, his arms pulled behind his back, stopping his approach.

The man holding Victoria groped her breast and smelled along her neck. “Fuck, she smells good, Matt.”

“Bet she tastes better.” The man holding Garret laughed as wrapped rope around his wrists and pushed him forward. “She looks so sweet.”

“Think Chris will mind if we try her out here?”

Matt pushed until Garret knelt on the ground. “Nah, don’t be fucking dumb, Steph. Remember what happened the last time we sampled something without permission.”

Steph visibly shrank. The other man shook off whatever thoughts that inspired, his hand yanking at Victoria’s dress until it shredded in his hands. She was naked, her body vibrating with uncertainty. Steph slipped a hand between her thighs, forcing a squeak from her. Her nipples tightened and she bite her lower lip as the man touched her.

“She’s ready though. Soft, wet, hot, and so fucking ready.”

Garret tried to look away, but Matt grabbed a hunk of hair to pull his head back up. “We need to take her to Chris. Everyone gets an equal chance with her.”

“What about him?” Steph nodded at Garret. “Do we leave him?”

“Can’t you see how hard his dick is?” Garret looked down in surprise to see his cock was indeed hard against the zipper of his jeans. “Nah, he’ll come with and watch what we do to his girl.”

Steph took his hand from between Victoria’s thighs and showed everyone just how wet she was. “She’ll howl for us. The moment we get her in the woods and get her on all fours, she’ll tell the whole world that she’s happy being fucked.”

“Let’s go.” Matt pulled Garret to his feet by his arm and pushed them through a door.

The moment they exited the room, they are in the middle of a camp in the woods. Garret could smell the pine and smoke coming from a fire. A group of mean, of varying sizes, huddled around said fire. It’s a rough group guiding by the scars some of them sported.

Matt pushed him to his knees by a tree as Steph brought Victoria forward. She was presented to an older man who scanned her body slowly. Garret gathered quickly this man was Chris, their leader from the way both men deferred.

“Finally brought back something good.” The man stood and tweaked Victoria’s nipple. “We’ll have fun with this one.”

Chris glanced over at Garrett, giving him the same slow once over that he’d given Victoria. Garret felt it like heat under his skin. His cock pulsed, growing just a little more against his zipper.

“He’ll be fun, too.” The man approached, stooping down in front of Garret. “Maybe when we’ve worn her out…”

Garret shut his eyes, his mind racing. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted that or not. This was all about Victoria, right? The feeling of hands on his hips had him popping his eyes open in surprise. Chris made short work of undoing Garret’s jeans and pushing them to his knees.

“You’ll enjoy this, won’t you?”

Chris pushed him back against the tree, guiding him down onto his ass. He stripped him of his jeans, leaving him in his gray shirt, his cock pointing toward the blue sky.

“I know I’m going to enjoy this a whole lot.” The smile he gave Garret was vicious, dark eyes filled with the promise of something wicked. “Let’s get started.”

To be continued.


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  2. Kayla Lords

    Aaaaaand now I’d like to buy a fantasy like that, please and thank you. Also, that image (and most of your others) would make great Masturbation Monday prompts…just sayin’.

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