Work from home

“You busy?”

He glanced up briefly to see her standing in the doorway, then did a double take. Her lips were painted bright red and he could smell the vanilla lotion she liked to put on after a bath. She caught his eye and smiled before trailing her finger from her naked breast down her torso to rest at her hip. His eyes lingered there as she caressed from her hip bone down the inner crease of her thigh.

“I was.” He adjusted in his chair, glad he’d left his loose pajama pants on.

“Good. I’ve come to help.”

She crossed to where he sat, kneeling beside his chair.

He shook his head, unable to collect his thoughts. “I don’t know that you’ll be able to help me, baby.”

“But I want to be helpful.” She slid her tongue along her upper lip. “I’m here to help you focus.”

He was focused, on her red lips and her bouncing tits and all the temptation between her parted thighs. Spreadsheets and figures could not compete with that.

Without thinking, he reached down to move the suddenly constricting seam of his pants. “Baby…”

“See, you need my help.”

She pushed his chair back and crawled under his desk. He was pulled forward just a little.

“Just focus on the screen and I’ll help you out.”

He started to speak, but could only gasp. She’d started mouthing at the front of his pants, heating the fabric with her breath. He pressed his hands into the desk and tried to control his breathing as her tongue joined in. She found the head of his cock through the cloth and sucked just enough to make him groan.

“Should I stop?”

Glancing down, he saw the red of her lipstick smeared on his pajamas. The way she looked at him like she there was no place she belonged more, he simply shook his head. Her smile was perfect.

She found the flap to his pajamas, guiding his cock out. He was so fucking hard, he could’ve drilled through the bottom of his desk. He definitely needed her help now, and, god bless her, she went right to work. Her hand circled him at the base and her mouth engulfed him.

He pushed back from his desk, bringing her with him. He needed to see her. He needed to see her smear her lipstick along his cock, he needed to see her red lips stretched around him, he needed to see her spit dripping down the length of him. Every suck sent his hips up, his hand eventually finding its way to the back of her head.

“God,” he hissed out through gritted teeth when he felt her tongue wrap around him. “I’m going to cum already.”

He felt her hum in his balls. She sucked harder, eager for him to cum down her throat. His fist tightened in her hair, holding her still so he could fuck her mouth. The sharp prick of her nails digging into his thighs as he tried to hold off was more than he could take.


It surged out of him, as eager to fill her mouth as she was to receive it. He opened his eyes, watching as she kept her lips tight around him until he stopped twitching. She swallowed before releasing him, leaving a bright red ring around his cock.

“Thank you.” He was still a little stunned.

She kissed the head of his cock and rose up to kiss him on the lips. “I’ll let you get back to work.”

“Work?” He swatted her ass as she moved away from him. “I’m thoroughly distracted now.”

“Just trying to help.”

She waved at him as she disappeared out of his office. Always a temptress, but he’d find a way to pay her back later, the little minx.


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