Dine In, Eat Out

So I’ve been meaning to do a post for the food and fitness prompt since it started. Sadly, my writing has been minimal, at best. I wanted to at least try to talk about the most recent topic, which was eating out.

My job requires a fair amount of moving around, something I personally enjoy. I love that it’s something new every few months; new place, new coworkers, new things to explore, and new places to eat at.

Food is the way I discover places and I have been known to hit up food tours in whatever major city I’m visiting. It’s a great way to find restaurants to eat at in that town. The best of the best, or what they’ve deemed to be the best. I’ve toured in places like San Francisco, Boston, Puerto Rico, Montreal and even Rhode Island. Many take you to local bakeries, cafes, and famous restaurants you read about in food magazines. You belly up and sample the thing that place is known for.

If a tour isn’t possible, because I’m not always in a big city or a place that does tours, Yelp is the best place to look if I want to find a place to eat. I’m a solo traveler, and having been one for a long time, I’ve learned to do a lot of things, including eating at a restaurant, alone. I typically sit at the bar because that’s the quickest and easiest place when you’re alone. I can enjoy my drink and my food, reading a book while I eat.

I eat out fairly regularly. Well, I get take out/away fairly regularly. I move between dining in and take out quite a bit. I like being able to order, go pick it up, and eat it all in the comfort of my home.

When it comes to seeking out healthy option? I’m a bad girl when it comes to healthy eating at restaurants. Food is happiness and love for me. If it happens to be good for me, awesome, but my goal is to immerse myself in whatever I’m eating. I want to enjoy it and I rarely regret what goes into my mouth as long as I don’t eat to excess. I also tend to exercise a fair amount and am not an emotional eater. I love to eat and enjoy so many different types of thing, regardless of how healthy it may be.

With the virus driving everyone in, restaurants are closing and only offering delivery. I, of course, am adjusting accordingly. Can’t dine in? It’s okay, I can still eat out. I’ve already ordered delivery from many of the restaurants I usually eat in at. I’ll be supporting as many businesses in this trying times as I can! I’ll just have to do a bit better at exercising in the meantime. My waistline may start to mind my eating habits.

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  1. Julie

    I so love to find new places to eat. I’m with you about sitting at the counter / bar when alone. Thank goodness we can still get takeaways during this difficult time. Thanks for joining in. I couldn’t have known when I thought up the prompt that by now none of us would be allowed to eat in restaurants. We will definitely be getting takeaways, if anything to make sure the restaurants are still there after this craziness is done!

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      Definitely pro-delivery. I’ll be happy when things have calmed though so I can dine in at some of my favorite places again.

  2. DeviantSuccubus

    I have always wanted to try one of those food tours. I really should do that one day. And I don’t mind ordering delivery, I do that more often than actually eating out. I wish I was able to eat whatever I please without thinking too much, ha! It sounds like that you enjoy eating out, and that is awesome!

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