Hot Lips

Lip licking

“You wanna see what I can do with a cherry stem?” She snagged the red fruit from her drink and popped the whole thing, stem and all, in her mouth.

She wasn’t his type. A bottle blonde, enhanced in ways that usually turned him off. Worse, she could barely carry on a conversation, giggling and fawning over him without saying anything intelligent in reply. He’d let his buddy set the date up, and he would’ve cut it short an hour ago under normal circumstances, but…

Her lips twisted in this obscene way as she moved the cherry around in her mouth. It had been like that all night, she’d do those little things with her mouth that sent all the blood rushing from his brain to his groin. A lick of her pouty lips, or she’d make this O that he knew would look perfect tight around the base of his cock.

She stuck the tip of her tongue out, her face screwed up in concentration, and he sat his beer down hard. It was impossible, impossible not to think of filling her throat with his cock as she lapped at him with that pink tongue. Her dark eyes wide, eager, and focused on him as he fucked her mouth.

“Almost,” she mumbled.

He swallowed back a groan. Yeah, almost. His cock throbbed hard against the zipper of his jeans. He didn’t know what it was about her mouth that set him off, but he worried that if she didn’t finish soon, he’d finish first.

“Got it!”

She squealed with triumph and stuck out her tongue, the knotted stem sitting on the end.

“You’re.. eh, you’re pretty talented.” He croaked out the words before taking a deep swallow of his drink.

She sat up straight, her breasts bouncing with the movement. Practically preening, she smiled sweetly at him. “Everyone says my mouth is my best feature.”


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