A Meeting With a Different Feel

To be fair, this post will be just a regular old meet and greet post (maybe even a little boring as I think through my answers), but I’ll explain the title at the end.

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

@thereon_cara I’ve been on twitter for a long while, but under that handle since 2013. I’ve had people ask why I didn’t do carathereon, and honestly I can’t tell you why I didn’t. Too long and I have the memory of a goldfish.

Tell us 3 things you are most looking forward to at Eroticon 2020

  1. Friends. New and old. There are a few people in recent months who have come to be very special to me that I hope to hug and have a pint with. There are also long time people in eager to see.
  2. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) I get a spanking and some other play. I’m so spank focused lately, that I can’t help but be excited about that.
  3. Being around like minded people who know who I am. No one knows my real name but they know more of me than my family. Just being seen is huge. Being seen and talking about what I love; sex writing.

Sadly with a change of venue this year for the Friday night meet and greet we won’t be compiling a play list but I know that everyone enjoys that bit so…. What is a song that always makes you want to dance?

I’m so bad here because songs cycle through my mind and little sticks as a long time fave. I have songs that get stuck in my head so the recent one(s) that has me wanting to dance is Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa and Freak of Nature by Mark Ronson and The Last Artful, Dodgr.

What is the best book you have read in the last 12 months?

Again, no idea. I haven’t read much and what I have read hasn’t stuck. I don’t tend to develop favorites of much of anything.

As you sit writing this post what are three things you are grateful for?

1. My friends who offer support when I’m a mess

2. My work that grants me the freedom I love to travel

3. Not having any food allergies so I can eat what I enjoy, like pie and sushi.

What is your mobile (cellphone) wallpaper or home screen image?

My lock screen is a photo of a plane flying over water in Florida. My wallpaper is bath water blue tropical water with little fish swimming in it.

If someone gave you £5000 today which you were not allowed to save but had to spend within 24 hours what would you do with it?

Damn, I hate that I can’t save! Half to pay a big bill, other half to pay for a nice vacation.

Complete the sentence:

I need..

Tended to. Lately that means I need dick/spanked/cuddles all at once.

What did my title mean? This year, going to Eroticon feels different. Every year I’ve gone has had a feel or theme. The first time I felt excited, last year I felt established. This year? This year I feel wobbly so wobbly that it wasn’t until November/December that I’d even fully committed to coming. Nothing is the same as previous years. Not my writing, my mindset, my relationship status, nothing. Many people who’ve come before won’t be there or won’t be my people, per se. I feel like a newborn calf trying to find my footing again. Hopeful(ish), but not too sure. I hope I feel nothing except growth for standing and going even when I don’t feel strong enough. Here’s to the best Eroticon in spite of everything (viruses/changing statuses/shaky grounds) because we are still better when we come.

Eroticon 2020 Attending


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