Work for her money

Cara kneeling cupping her breast in post title A Beggar

I need to write something.

“Open your legs for the man, baby.”

I part them slowly, playing shy even as my desire is revealed. I hear the whisper of his good girl as the man he’s giving me to slides two fingers inside me.

“Fuck, she’s so wet.” The man pauses as he watches his fingers disappear inside me then reappear wetter each time. “You sure fifty bucks is enough?”

I don’t see Brian’s face, but I hear the rustle of his clothes as he moves, the way his breathing picks up just a touch. My hips cant to feel the perfect angle of those thick fingers spearing me, and picture this man’s dick fucking me deeper.

“I’d let you have my little whore for free, but I want to see her work for her money.”

The stranger was unzipping his jeans with barely contained haste, smearing my arousal on the fabric.. I was panting, ever ready to please.

“She likes all her holes used so make sure you do. Her mouth’s a fucking dream.”

I moan low, leaning back on the bed. I was his whore and I’d work hard for him.


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