Double Down

Moving along. Trying for a MM entry on this one. It’ll do?

Let’s give this one from Hubman a go.

“he yanked her thong aside and roughly inserted a finger in her pussy. Just as she adjusted to the sudden intrusion, he withdrew and started to gently circle her back door…”

She’s a little devil in my arms, her ass grinding into my cock even as my grip in her hair tightens. Her head falls back, baring her throat, thrusting her breasts forward and her round ass back

“So what does it mean to work here at Casino 46? What do we expect from our employees?”

I let my hand drift from her throat down her body. My fingertips dance over the curve of her breast, teasing the tip of the nipple that juts out. I tickle her stomach where it appears beneath her tank top, before my hand finds the button at the top of her jeans.

“We expect eager people, ones excited to come to work.”

I work the button loose, conscious of the way she holds her breath until it pops open. I wait a beat, my fingertips resting against the newly bared flesh.

“We expect responsive workers, ones who show genuine pleasure for what they do.” I speak softly into her ear before letting my hand slip down the front of her jeans.

I can’t help looking down the line of her body as my fingers make contact with the tempting scrap of fabric I’d seen earlier. Down a little more and I can feel the wetness as it soaks the material.

“Ah, yes, I see you have at least part of that equation down. I think we still have ground to cover.”

Releasing her hair, I use both hands to push her jeans to her knees. With that done I take a step back from her. Her ass is beautiful, so round, the thong a beacon between her cheeks.

“The ability to take and follow direction is an important part of what is expected here. How good are you at following directions, Chantel?”

I wait, watching as she draws in a breath, holds it, and then blows it out in one long sound.

“I can follow well, yes.”

“Then take off your jeans and bend back over the desk just like you were.”

Would she do it? I can’t help holding my breath now, waiting to see how far she’ll let me take it.

When she bends over and pushes her jeans down, I let my breath go in an audible sigh. Then she’s back over that desk, the cheeks of her ass parting just enough I can see the line running between. I’m a total goner.

“Very good.” I’m pretty proud of the steadiness in my voice. “Hands out in front of you, gripping the edge. Let’s see if we can work on the rest of it.”

Touching her ass for the first time all night is like magic. She’s soft skin and firm flesh. I want to sink my teeth into her, but I need to hear her say my name first. I do let my teeth do what they’ve been itching to do all night; walk that damn thong from between her plump cheeks.

I bend down to scrape my teeth on her low back, relishing her moan. I catch the edge, my hands stilling her hips as I pull the thong away and then slowly down. The material is stubborn at first, refusing to give up what it held so snugly, but I’m tenacious. A firm tug of my teeth and it peels down slowly revealing the wink of her back hole first before her cunt comes into view.

She’s impressive in every way and this close she smells like heaven. She’s not bare like I expect. No, dark hair covers her labia and wetness clings to each hair. It’s so fucking hot to see her like this I can barely keep myself from burying my mouth on the spot that called to me. As much as I want to taste her, I need to touch her more.

I walk my fingers up her thigh, watching goosebumps erupt on her skin the closer I get to my target.

For a moment I consider teasing her, but know I need it just as much as she does. I press two fingers deep inside and she arches up with a moan at the invasion. Oh, God. She’s tight and so wet. I pull out, add a third finger, and thrust back in. The way she grips me, the way she pants and moans from just this is driving me out of my mind.

“Rick…” She whimpers as I withdraw and it’s so damn sweet hearing my name on her lips.

“That’s what I’m looking for.”

No time to relax. I let my wet fingers creep up to her back hole and circle that spot over and over.

“Will this be expected of me if I work here?”

My lips tease the point where ass meets thigh as I press against that pucker, feeling it relax to allow me entrance.  “It’s all about a willingness to give. What are you willing to give in order to be the best at what you do?”

She widens her stance as my finger eases in. This was where I want to end up tonight, feeling her ass squeezing me so tight as I cum deep inside her. I’m going to feel every part of her, every single part.

“Rick,” she whispers again. I can hear the question, the plea in her voice.

“Hold tight, baby. I’m getting to the best part of your interview.”

She shudders as I release her, but I have no intention of leaving her long.


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  1. Dawn D

    Reading this, parts of me were thinking: “This is abuse of power, it’s wrong!” But then other parts of me were clearly not thinking…
    Yep, I’d say it works nicely as a MM post. At least it did for me 😉

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      1. Dawn D

        I guess when you read it from the beginning, it doesn’t seem quite as bad, the first part does really convey how willing she is to submit.
        It’s just that, having experienced abuse, I am a bit touchy about it 🙂

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