Double Down

A little help from my friends! I decided to take the comments and work them into a bit of a serial. Let’s see how far I go. I’m feeling really rusty so forgive me.

Here’s the first prompt from Hy:

She hung back a little, but I got the impression she just needed a door opened for her, a green light of some kind. We had a connection that surprised me and I wanted to learn more. And her g-string peaked out of her jeans. A little whale tail that I imagined pulling off with my teeth.

The woman stepping out of the car beside him had the kind of ass you wrote sonnets about. I admit to writing a few in my head as I watched her bend over the seat to retrieve something from the backseat. Shit, I was straining over the passenger side to get a better look and straining out of my jeans to get a better feel.

“Excuse me?”

My eyes snap up to her face as she glances through my open window at me.  I expect to see disgust at my obvious ogling, but she has a tiny smile on her face. Even in the low light of the parking lot, I could see the twinkle in her eyes

“Do you know what time the casino closes?”

“Open twenty-four-seven.”

She comes to lean into my window, giving me a slight view down the pink tank top she wore. “Do you know if they’re hiring?”

Those eyes lock on mine and the twinkle changes slightly to a shimmer that heats my blood. It’s easy to imagine what job she’d do in the casino. A sexy cocktail girl in next to nothing swaying along the floor, causing guys to spend their life savings just so she’d stop by to bring them drinks. She’d flirt, never enough to give them a chance, but enough to say she’d moan so pretty underneath you.

My God, the sonnets change to something heavy and nasty the longer I stare at her. I need to get my shit together before I cum in my pants like a teen.

“This place is always looking for people. Go in and ask for Rick.”

Her smile spreads, that lush mouth opening just a bit to flash teeth, and I lose my breath and common sense in an instant.


I watch her push away and lean back in to retrieve her stuff. That delightful ass that caught my attention wiggles ever so slight and I catch sight of the top of her black thong as she straightens up. I groan under my breath at the implications of that tiny scrap of material. That black thong begs to be pulled down slowly with my teeth and the glorious stretch of flesh it revealed needed explored by my tongue. She has to taste delicious and just the thought of spreading her wide and sinking into her has me so hard it hurt.

The slamming of the car door pulls me out of the intense daydream and pushes me into action. It was obvious a connection exists between us. Couldn’t let her get away, could I?

My walking up to the building behind her doesn’t seem to phase her one bit. No, she hangs back at the door, waiting for me to make the first move. I’m smart enough to never keep a lady waiting long.

She moves in the moment I open it for her and this time I catch a whiff of her perfume. Something citrusy that makes me think of beaches, bikinis, and sunscreen. Of running the white cream into her dark skin.

“Let me show you where to go.” I place a hand on the small of her back, just above that hidden black thong. The warmth of her skin soaks through her shirt and I long to feel bare skin.

She smiles up at me, waiting once more for me. “Lead the way.”

I guide her into the smoky casino floor, passing flashing machines and the busy tables, loving the way she stays close by my side. I nod to a few familiar gamblers, making sure my pace is quick enough to discourage anyone from stopping me. She keeps up well, her long legs eating up the distance even with the wedge sandals she wore. Those would most definitely stay on later.

Finally we approach the main offices. I rap on the door, letting my hand slid down enough to rest on her low back before moving to settle it on her hip. She glances sideways at me with a raised brow, but doesn’t move away from the touch. No, I can see that smile on her face and give her one of my own

The door opens in and I guide her inside the much more subdued office space. A tall man in a black suit shuts the door behind us before moving around to the desk in the corner of the room.

“The back office open, Tryce? I’m going to need for a short meeting.”

He doesn’t even bat an eye at my request. The man was as professional as they came, and considering how much he was paid, he better be. Instead he produces a key from the lock box beside his desk and pulls up a screen on his computer.

“Nothing scheduled for the next several hours and the suite was recently cleaned and restocked.”

I nod, grabbing the key and ushering her down the hallway before she can ask the questions I could feel brewing. I’m not a pushy asshole, but I need to get her alone as soon as possible.

By the time I locate the office I needed, I’m hopped up on lust and adrenaline. The hand I’d settled gently on her hip before was now wrapped around her waist, pulling her into my side as we move along. I just manage to turn on one of the dimmer lights in the office when she slips away from me and moves further into the sparsely furnished room.

I swallow around the lump in my throat as she crosses to the desk to sit her bag down. Instead of turning toward me like I expect, she presses her hips into the edge and leans forward so her ass points right at me. Her jeans slid low and that tiny thong appears like a black buoy in a sea of caramel colored skin. Jesus Christ, God in heaven, I had to fuck her soon

She crosses her legs at the ankle before glancing over her shoulder at me. Her face passive and something about that bothers me. For a second I wonder if she’s a different girl than I imagined, and another part of me wonders if it mattered if she was…

“Is this the kind of interview you’re planning on giving me, Rick?” Her eyes glitter hot as her hips sway side to side. “Maybe I gave the wrong impression of the kind of girl I am.”

Embarrassment and lust war for a place in my mind. I keep my face neutral and lean back against the door. “And what’s the right impression of you? Because the way you’re positioned is an signal that’s difficult to get confused. I mean, if you’d like to discuss your professional capabilities while I browse your résumé, well then I’m all for it.”

Her laughter bursts out into the room and I feel like a champion for drawing it forth. She surprises me once again by reaching into her bag and removing a laminated résumé, laying it on the desk beside her without moving an inch. I push away from the door, strolling casually to her side to retrieve the citrus scented paper before backing away to stand just behind her. Close enough to touch

“Browse away.”

I met her eyes, looking down to see the obvious invitation that her words offered. She was challenging me and I’d be damned if I’d back down now.

Lifting the paper, I let the words obscure my vision of her. I feel rather than see her move to rise and place a staying hand between her shoulder blades, stopping her. My hand is finally against bare skin, and nothing could hide the tiny tremor I feel go through her.

“Chantel Water. A graduate of Princeton with a dual degree in accounting and business.” I apply gentle pressure and glory in the way she drops to her elbows on the desk. “Some experience working in accounting firms and start-up companies. What made you leave your last position?”

I’m careful to keep my voice light even as I take a step closer, letting her ass brush the front of my jeans. I sweep her hair to the side and let me hand close around the nape of her neck. This time her shudder is obvious, as is her small moan. Someone likes this a lot.

“There was no room for advancement or motivation from management to do so anyway.” The breathy note in her voice is perfect.

My hum hides my groan as she pressed back into me. I tighten my hold on her neck. “You seem like an intelligent girl, why are you looking for work at a casino instead of somewhere that could use you where you’re needed?”

I couldn’t help my emphasis on the word use, nor the way I let my hips trap hers against the desk. Her back arches and my cock slides between those cheeks like it had found its own spot in heaven. I almost drop the pretense of interviewing her just so I could get to hearing her moan my name. Not yet…

She gives a soft sigh and rests her cheek on the desk. “I need a change. My brain isn’t getting me anyway right now so I thought I’d let my body work for a while. I figured I’d eventually luck out and get to use both doing something I loved.”

There’s a hint of what may have been sadness in her voice, but she arches again and my mind deviates before I can ask why.

The paper flutters from my fingers as I wind my hand in her hair to pull her up. My grasp doesn’t ease in the slightest as I let me lips brush her ear. “I think you’re selling yourself short, but maybe it’s time to put your body to the test and show you what you’d be getting yourself into if I did hire you.”


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