Did you come here for a story? 

I have been stymied when it comes to story writing lately. The number of posts a week have dropped exponentially over the last few months and I can’t put my finger on why. 

Usually my writing drops when I’m living a bit more, but I’m not doing anything extra exciting lately. Aside from being on a normal shift, it’s business as usual for me. It’s almost scary this lack of a drive. My writing almost gives clarity to life. So what’s it mean that I’m not itching to write all of a sudden? 

It dawned on me that I hadn’t really been expressing myself creatively earlier. So I started to take a few naughty pictures just so I had something to give you. That’s what I do for back up when my drive to write is low… You get nearly naked pictures of me. 

So maybe this post is a cry for help? Lend me inspiration?

Here’s the deal: I’ll post the pictures I took and you give me a sentence that they inspired in you. Tomorrow I’ll take a moment to let the creativity bubble up. 

Start me off on a story. Or better yet, post a story in the comments and maybe your creativity will jump start mine! 


Don’t let me down, okay? My creative stability depends on it. 


  1. jakebutler67

    Deal…… here we go…

    Jake had just been contacted and requested to perform at another upcoming hen party – nothing unusual in that. However, this enquiry was slightly different in that not only was the request for naked male waitering services, it concluded with the cheeky footnote of ‘do, by any chance, you have a female performance partner you would care to undertake a ‘finale’ with?’

    That had him thinking…. he didn’t and he wasn’t sure where to start with this one…

    As he pondered the conundrum, he browsed the web, and happen-chanced on three stunning pictures of a girl who had only moments before begun to follow his blog….

    He dug a little further, drawn by the curves of her bottom, covered barely by a black g string…..

    She lived closeby…. ‘what the hell he thought…’ and dropped her a line to say hello….

  2. Ankoku1331

    Here is my sentence, “Inhaling her musky scent as she lowered herself onto my face, my mouth went dry from excitement and wet a moment later from anticipation of the first taste of her.” We all need inspiration from time to time. Hope it helps.

  3. Hyacinth

    Damn, you are gorgeous. Truly! I think Sir Mixalot was a genius haha

    Hmmm, my launch point would be something like this:

    She hung back a little, but I got the impression she just needed a door opened for her, a green light of some kind. We had a connection that surprised me and I wanted to learn more. And her g-string peaked out of her jeans. A little whale tail that I imagined pulling off with my teeth.

  4. hubman38

    You’re gorgeous and I love see you 🙂

    First photo inspired this thought- “he yanked her thong aside and roughly inserted a finger in her pussy. Just as she adjusted to the sudden intrusion, he withdrew and started to gently circle her back door…”

  5. Accidental Masturbator

    As much as I like a good sexy story, I confess I’m more of a visual person. So if it results in you posting sexy selfies, long live your writers block!
    If you want my sentence, it’s one of appreciation. Of seeing the curve of your quim in the first pic. I love that so much.

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