A Tiny Tease

An element of pseudo-incest (Step-father/daughter). I started another story a long while ago with a similar theme I may have to dig back up. I’m rusty so please forgive my errors (I know I switched tenses).

“Tiny, I’m home.”

I hang my coat up and set my shoes by the door. There’s a delicious smell wafting from the kitchen and the subtle rustling of fabric so I follow my nose down the hall.

“Hey, Tiny, what-“

My words die in my throat. I find Tiny in the kitchen, bent at the waist with her ass pointed toward me, wearing a scrape of fabric that may have passed for underwear. It does little to cover her, the thin piece of material snuggled between the plump lips of her cunt. My brain sends off warning flares demanding I vacate the area, but my dick receives none of those warnings as it stiffens in my slacks.

“Tiny…” her name was a strangled whimper as I watch her wiggle her ass back and forth while she searches in the cabinet.

She rises, her tank top slipping down to hide her back, but not that tempting ass, before she glances at me over her shoulder. “Hi, Daddy.”

I wasn’t her father, and the way she said it was not fatherly. It was filled with something my blood depleted brain couldn’t place. A smile spread across her lips as she turned toward me. I tried to shake the thoughts sailing through my mind, the same ones that had been assailing me for the last year, but Tiny was determined to break me.

Tina Maria, my lovely step-daughter. I’d been calling her Tiny since her mother and I married five years ago. She was petite, barely reaching my chest. Until she’d turned eighteen, She’d been a little girl in my eyes. It was like the sweetness melted away with the sudden development of her breasts and hips. And god had she turned into a looker. She was on the plump side, her ass more than a handful that spilled from the bottom of the short shorts she always wore. This tempting short shorts.

“I’m making dinner, Daddy. A juicy roast.”

The way her lips wrapped around the words made my dick throb. This was not okay, I was not okay. I loved my wife, but the way Tiny had taken to looking at me was fucking up my head. She definitely wasn’t a little girl and the thoughts in my head weren’t little either.

“Why don’t you go change out of your suit? Mom won’t be home for another hour. Go shower, Daddy.”

I licked my dry lips as she turned away to bend back over. Was her cunt plumper now? I swore I could see wetness clinging to those lips, darkening that poor excuse for a thong.

“Yea, uh… yea a shower is a good idea.”

I practically ran out of there. Taking the steps two by two, I sprinted into the bedroom, leaning back against the door. Fuck me, I had to get a grip. I glanced down at the tent in my slacks. I had to get a grip on that before dinner. If Linda knew…

Stripping out of my work clothes, I made sure to put them all way so Linda wouldn’t be upset when she got home. I gave myself a serious pep talk as I turned the faucet to cold.

“You love your wife, dummy. Don’t let you dick get carried away.”

As I let the water rush over me, I grip my cock hard. I’m reminded it’s okay to look, even if the pussy I’m looking at belongs to… I stop the thought in its tracks even as I stroke myself harder. Thoughts of Tiny kept coming faster and faster. Her bent over the counter, her on her knees, her with her ass lifted high, her open mouth, her breasts sandwiching my dick, her eyes looking at me as she called me Daddy and begged.

“Fuck.” My jizz sprayed the tile as I grew dizzy with the release.

My head was clear. I could face the coming onslaught.

I cut the water and reached through the curtain for my towel. It was missing. Picking my head out, I rubbed the water from my eyes and nearly choked. There was Tiny, standing naked in the middle of the bathroom, my towel wrapped like a turban around her head as she put lipgloss on in the mirror.

“What… what are you doing?” I practically croaked.

“Getting ready to eat, Daddy.”

She was on tiptoe, bent over the sink, leaning close to the mirror. My flagging erection returned with a vengeance. Her parted thighs gave me the perfect view of what had been hidden downstairs. She was wet, I could see the moisture clinging to her skin.

“Are you going to get out?”

I swallowed hard. “I’m not… I think I need to have another shower.”

I sounded lame to my own ears, but there was no way I could get out with her standing there.

“Oh, let me help you.”

She was advancing before I could utter a fully formed protest. And there it was between us, my monster erection and her beautiful nude body. I try stuttering some kind of apology/denial hybrid, but Tiny isn’t listening. No, she was kneeling beside the tub on the pink fluffy mat her mother bought last week, my cock in her face.

“It’s okay, Daddy.”

It wasn’t okay, but I couldn’t stop her when she looked at me like I was her everything. Definitely not when her mouth was wrapped around me. I covered my face with one hand, ashamed of myself even as the other hand was resting on her head. She knew exactly what she was doing, her mouth warm and wet and sucking just right. I hit the back of her throat and nearly lost my mind each time. She had me teetering on the edge of coming, muffled noises spilling from my covered mouth.

She pulled back, her lips pink and swollen. “I’m so wet.”

My brain no longer registered appropriate thoughts. It was focused on Tiny as she rose up and bent over the sink. This was my fantasy and my cock guided my straight to it. As I slid in, my hands gripping her hips and I groaned.

“Daddy.” Her whimper was so enticing. “please fuck me.”

I couldn’t be gentle. A year of teasing temptation exploded out of me. My grip hardened on her waist as I gave her exactly what she’d been begging for. I pressed her thighs into the sink edge and made sure every thrust produced a ringing smack that bounced off the tiles. I wanted her to feel this later, her cunt aching from me using her. Each of her squeaks and moans made me go a little rougher, fuck her a little harder. I was punishing us both for this.

When she came, I nearly toppled with her. The wet grip of her around me broke my stride. She called my name with a mewling cry that made my spine tingle with pleasure. She was begging for me to cum inside her. The temptation of it nearly buckles my knees.

“God, Tiny.”

I just dragged enough sense from the depths of my soul to pull out and spray over her trembling ass. Even that made me groan. She looked too good covered in my cum. Way too good.

The rest of my sense returned in a rush. Tiny lay across the sink, a dreamy look on her face. Fuck, I was the worst for the satisfaction I felt.

“We can’t… we can’t do this ever again.”

I snatch my towel off the floor and flee to the bedroom, missing her secret smile.

“Whatever you say, Daddy.”


  1. elliott henry

    This is a perfect read when one is horny. I do remember your previous story, you wrote a few chapters, I’d love to see another, Cara. For now, I am going to read this one again.

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