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Cara's bare bottom with some marks on it

Let’s get into a little Kink of the Week! On the subject of marks and why we love them.

Cara with lines and marks on her bottom

Anybody and e’erybody who’s come to my blog on any given Sunday knows I like to be spanked. I’d say it’s something I talk about every other post, but that’s not quite true. Nearly though.

Because of that, I love being marked. It’s almost a source of pride to walk away from a spank session or any implement use and have a big bruise. Every time I sit, every move, and I feel it. It makes your breath catch and my body tingle as the residual pain brings up all the memories of how it made me feel in the moment. Same for any bruise I earn from play. Bites, finger marks, sore anything. Sadly, it takes a lot for me to bruise even though I don’t get spanked nearly as often as I’d like. Take an assortment of implements to my ass and I might come away bruised, but it takes a bit of time.

I’m learning, as time goes on, that I love the thought of leaving my mark on someone else.

I recently started spanking. I’ve always wanted to, but most guys I’ve met with like to top and really I’m not going to complain if it means I’ll get my ass tended to. My current play partner enjoys being spanked and was happy to let me test it out. I learned a couple of important things.

1) listening to the sounds someone makes as you hurt them (as they let you hurt them) is so fucking erotic. The first time I found myself trying to bite back moans just listening. That whole headspace just does something to you. A total rush.

2) I want to leave alllll the marks and the urge intensifies the longer I go. I want to see bruises. I want to bite deep and see my teeth marks on skin. It’s this strange almost violent urge to hurt in a way that brings pleasure to both myself and the spankee. As I spank, I want to hurt them and have it linger so I can say, “I did that. That’s mine.”

Fuck. Even talking about this makes me squirm. I love that level of power that comes with successfully marking someone. You have to strike this balance between wanting to hurt someone and doing it the right way, so you don’t hurt hurt them. There’s this weird glee knowing I did it and they liked it. That they want me to leave my mark. They want it. Unf. See? Hot af.

I’m hoping for more spanking experiences. I’m hoping to leave more marks as I do this longer. Any takers? Who you’d like to provide their bottom for my marks?

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  1. ValeryNorth

    Well, I would definitely be interested! I kind of have the opposite situation of being generally the domly one and it is quite hard to find people who want to spank me.

    As well as the sounds someone makes – there’s the enormous variety of sounds the impact itself can make, and that can be (for me anyway) superhot all by itself.

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