The whole time

“What were you dreaming about last night?”

Her fingers walked up his chest as he pulled her into his side. It sent goosebumps over his skin as she made circles around his nipple.

“Nothing. It was a pretty dreamless night for me.”

She tweaked his nipple, then pinched it until he moaned.

“No, you were dreaming about something.”

He started to say something, but his words ended on a moan as her mouth latched on to his neck. She sucked at his skin, her tongue laving the spot until he was hard and ready to take control. He let his hand wander down her back, fondling her ass then sliding between her cheeks until she too moaned.

“I’d just gotten back from the bathroom and snuggled against your back when you rolled us both over.”

She tossed her thigh over his leg, giving him access as he let his fingers tease along her labia.

“I thought maybe you just wanted to hold me. Except you were hard, your cock nestling right against my ass.”

Hard like he was right then as her hand wrapped around his cock. She stroked him at the same pace he let his fingers thrust into her cunt.

“I pressed back into you, loving the feel of you rubbing into me. It wasn’t long before you were pulling my leg up over yours and fucking me so hard.”

Her hand moved faster, stroking him until his hips rose with each down movement.

“Every time I moved, you pulled me in tighter. You hand was digging into my hip as you grunted in my ear. The way you wrapped around me, your breath on my cheek. So fucking hot.”

It was easy to picture it. He’d had her on her side many times and knew how good her cunt felt. Her hand moving on him now coupled with the thought of fucking her rough made his balls draw up.

“When you came, god, there was so much of it filling me up. I wanted it all.”

He arched, groaning as he felt that spasming kick in his groin. He closed his eyes as spurts hit his chest and stomach.

He opened his eyes to see her bringing her hand to her mouth and licking her fingers.

“I tried to turn over to kiss you, but you were asleep. I didn’t realize until after that you’d been asleep the whole time.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.” He tossed an arm over his face.

She kissed him, a naughty smile on her face. “Oh no, I’m quite looking forward to it happening again.”

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  1. Kayla Lords

    In the right headspace, I think I would enjoy something like this. But I know the reality all too well, lol, and might want to know WTF?! And I say that as someone who LOVES to be woken up with sex.

    As always this is delicious to read!

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      Cara Thereon

      Yea, part of me is very cognizant of how grumpy I can be at being woken even for sex. This is when fiction is nicer then reality

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