Fantasy Inc. Help Wanted

Full on shot of hands bound behind back

“What role do you think you can take on here at Fantasy Inc.?” She stippled her fingers and fixed him with a hard stare.


Pat wasn’t sure what else to say. He’d thought his resume would be impressive enough. He’d managed two different dungeons, been a professional Dom at one of the major clubs in the city, and had a MBA on top of it all. He knew his way around BDSM and very much enjoyed working in the scene.

“Ms. Lands, I have a lot of experience in—”

“Yes, you’re resume outlines all that experience clearly, but that doesn’t tell me what you can do here at Fantasy Inc.”

Confusion made Pat slow to respond. There was an open ad in the paper for this place so he wasn’t sure what they’d been looking for when he applied. Admittedly, he probably should’ve researched a little better, but he’d had a general idea what the place was about so thought he’d had a good chance with his qualifications.

“Well, I can be a Dom to any woman who—“

She cut him off again with a scoff. “They can go down to the local dungeon for that. We deal in fantasies, Mr. Burke.”

Wasn’t that what he could provide? Pat had obviously misguided this and didn’t really understand what went on here. He recognized all of that and felt his face heat.

“I don’t think I’m what you’re looking for and I apologize for wasting your time, Ms. Lands.” He stood and reached across to shake her hand. “Thank you for having me.”

She glanced at his hand and made a humming noise. Instead of shaking, she stood and moved around her desk. Feeling silly, he straightened his suit jacket. He turned to find her standing just behind his chair.

“Er… Thank you again.”

She said nothing, standing there as he moved around her to the door. Pat felt such intense mortification he feared he’d melt into the floor.


He stopped on his tracks, the door just in front of him. He didn’t know why he didn’t just leave, she’d all but hinted he wasn’t qualified to work at this place. That sharp tone demanded obedience though.

“You play at the Dom, but I don’t believe that’s what you really are.”

“I… I enjoy it.”

“Not the same and you know it.” She was directly behind him, her heels bringing her up almost to his height so he could feel her breath ruffle his hair. “Not the same as responding the way you have to me telling you to stop.”

“I thought you were going to… change your mind?”

She just laughed, which made his pulse pick up. Her fingers curled around his jacket collar, tugging until he let her help him out of it. Circling him, she started on the buttons of his shirt.

“The thing is, I know exactly where you’ll fit here. Not as a Dom. No, that’s not it at all.”

Pat’s cock was quickly coming to attention even as he mentally disputed her words. He was very much a Dom, was excellent at it. He started to help her undo the buttons, but she leveled him with a look that froze him in place.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, Mr. Burke. I’m going to strip you of your clothing and you’re going to kneel on my office floor. Legs spread and arms behind your back. You’re not going to move.”

He licked his lips, the urge to obey her so strong he wanted to act immediately. “Why would I do that?”

“Because I said so and you want to do what I say.” She laughed again and his cock seemed to swell even more in his slacks.

Tapping his cheek just hard enough to sting, she went back to getting him out of his clothing. Pat knew even before she finished pushing his slacks down his legs that he’d do as she ask. He’d kneel for her.

When she was done, he did exactly that. Thighs spread and hands clasped behind his back, he stared up at her waiting. His cock was painfully hard as she stood over him. It felt like his heart was ready to beat out of his chest at any second. She teased the head of his cock with the tip of her high heeled shoe, smiling when he didn’t move.

“Good boy.” She leaned forward to kiss him on the lips before taking a handful of his hair and pulling his head back. “This is your interview. Let’s see how good you are at staying still by my word alone.”

“My interview?” Pat couldn’t seem to get his mind to focus. “For what position?”

She tapped his cheek again before toeing his cock just a little harder.

“Fantasy Inc is looking for the perfect male sub to fulfill so many desires. I think you’ll be perfect.”

Pat held her eyes as she took a crop and lube from a side drawer. He clasped his hands tighter behind him as his cock bobbed between his spread thighs.

She unbuttoned the top few buttons on her blouse, her face blank but her eyes bright and eager. “Don’t disappointment.”


  1. elliott

    Wonderful, another edition of Fantasy Inc., I’m still trying to recover from the episode I read this morning. I was aroused by more than just one activity I read in the story. I will have to cum back later to read this one. And I saw there was a story before this one, maybe I will read that first and save this one.

    Beautiful photo, Cara.

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