I’ve been unsettled lately. Disconnected and struggling with feeling competent in my everyday life. It honestly feels like I’m coming undone and I hate that feeling. 

Work has been sucking the life out of me, but I can’t blame everything on work. 

My thoughts have been circling around self-care and what that means in my life. I’m honestly not sure what form of self care I need in order to reconnect. 

I’ll turn the corner I think. I have to. 


  1. Aku

    I very much know what you mean. Been floundering a little myself between being motivated a little to get things done and swinging back to a sort of… ennui..?… where Im not sad or anything, just unmotivated and disconnected from my own life and any other people in it.
    Like to believe all things come and go, like you Im hoping to turn that corner/move past it/something.
    Feel better soon C.

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