Caught (Somewhere around Chapter 7?)

I haven’t looked at this in a long time frankly so I didn’t realize how long certain chapters got. So read (or don’t) at your own pace, eh. Obviously, it’s unedited. 


Steam floated around Gazelle as she sank further into the lemon verbena smelling water. Heaven couldn’t be any better, she thought as the water lapped around her chest, caressing her nipples. She leaned back against the tile and let her eyes drift closed, her mind floating with the rising mist.

When was the last time she’d simply relaxed? While she loved every aspect of her job, it required a lot from her. Even her days off were spent thinking about the things she had to work on for the next week. As her fingers trailed through the bubbles at her side, Gazelle realized that being there with Hunter gave her the opportunity to simply be for a little while. She exhaled, a hint of smile tipping her lips at what felt like irony to her. Feeling relaxed around the one man who made her feel anything but was laughable.

But for all her protests, the moment she’d accepted what was happening she’d felt something inside of her unwind. It felt good to be there with Hunter and that secret part of her relished that she’d relinquished some of her control to him. He’d always made her feel safe and even with some of her lingering doubts she felt more comfortable than she’d felt in a long time. Her smile stretched wider without her realizing it. For once, she just wanted to enjoy the contented emotions swirling around inside of her instead of questioning.

Grabbing the wash clothe off the side, she squirted some sweet-smelling body wash into the center and set about giving herself a thorough washing. Over her shoulders, down her arms, around the heavy globes of her breasts, and down her stomach she washed with a purposeful slowness. A sensual feeling pervaded her whole body that made even this act erotic.

A soft moan slipped from her lips as the rough edges of the wash clothe rubbed along the lips of her slit. She couldn’t help imagining Hunter’s hands there, touching her and moaned again as the picture of his tongue licking along her wet skin crystalized in her mind. She stretched her leg up, propping it on the edge of the tub, letting suds run down her leg as her fingers started a their own slow dance. Gazelle tilted her hips to open her body up to her explorations. Sensations rippled through her and she sighed softly.

“You are pretty.”

Gazelle gasped softly at the husky voice that cut through her erotic musings. She glanced to her right to find a petite redhead leaning against the sink, a leer on her too pretty face. The woman’s eyes slid over her as though she could see through the thin bubbles.

Her searching eyes made Gazelle feel more naked than she’d ever felt in her life. Crossing her arms over her breasts only made the woman smirk. “I can see why he likes you.” There was an edge to her voice, something just there.

Something about this woman with her overflowing cleavage and pouty lips bothered Gazelle. Normally she’d strive for politeness, but she couldn’t quite give her anything other than a frosty smile. “And who might you be?”

Glossy pink lips parted and a tongue darted to lick in a way that made Gazelle shiver just a little. Not a response she had when it came to women, but something about this one screamed sex and seduction. A person would have to be blind to not notice her and if tightening of her nipples proved anything, Gazelle wasn’t immune.

“Veronica Grant.”

A flash of irritation whipped through her as she realized that this was the woman Hunter had spent part of the evening with. Her stomach clenched with equal parts trepidation and anger as she let her eyes trail down the woman’s body. All lush curves and smooth skin, Veronica Grant was a green-eyed temptress. And Gazelle disliked her even as she felt a slight craving for her.

Veronica let her look her full before she pushed away from the sink and swayed across the bathroom to the tub. Gazelle sank back into the cooling water, unwilling to expose any skin to her smoky gaze. The knowing look in the other woman’s eyes said she knew exactly what she was about.

Gazelle kept a close eye on Veronica as she settled on the edge of the tub; her short dress rode up, exposing a long expanse of pale thigh. Heat flooded her cheeks as she realized how much of a draw she felt toward Veronica. Maybe it was the unsatisfied arousal simmering below the surface from of her interrupted jill session, but an ache settled low in her stomach the second the redhead leaned forward. Her eyes fell to the breasts that spilled from the low-cut bodice. She didn’t even like woman! That conflict raged as she watched those pale globes rise and fall, the hard nipples almost jumping out.

The caress of a finger down Gazelle’s cheek made her jump. More heat stole across her face as she realized she’d been caught staring. Lust and anger warred inside of her as she realized how attracted she was to the woman who would likely steal Hunter from her.

“Don’t be ashamed.” Her voice was a purr as she lifted Gazelle’s chin. “It’s okay to look. I’d even be willing to show you a little more if you show me a bit of yours. What do you say, love?” she asked in a whisper so seductive that Gazelle wanted to moan.

A temptation like she’d never felt in her life tugged at her.  Unbidden, images of her splayed out, Veronica’s lips feasting on her body flitted across her mind. She shook off that devastating thought, unwilling to travel down that path for more reasons than she could outline. This woman took too much pleasure in the power she had over people and Gazelle refused to allow herself to be taken that easily.

Gazelle leveled her with a look careful to mask all other emotions. Conjuring a smile every bit as calculated, she injected a bit of steel to her tone when she spoke. “I’m not sure what you’re aim is coming here, but let’s cut the crap right now. You’re obviously up to something, and I’m not will to play ball.”

That elicited a husky laugh from the redhead that threatened to free her breasts from her top. Her thoughts deviated down the road of what color her nipples would be and how they’d taste. She met Veronica’s eyes and saw something intense smoldering in those green depths.

“You, my love, have no idea what I’m about.” She slipped her hand beneath the water and cupped Gazelle’s breast. The feeling of a soft palm gliding over the taut nipple had Gazelle arching just a little. It felt better than it should and they both knew it. Veronica’s eyes swirled with frank lust as their gazes held. “Or what I can do to you.”

It was hard to tell exactly what that meant. It felt like something more than a threat and Gazelle swallowed, trying desperately to moisten her dry throat. She leaned back, freeing her aching nipple from the woman’s treacherous grasp. “Do your best.” The steadiness of her voice masked a knot of nerves in her stomach.

Veronica cocked her head to the side and gazed at her in open curiosity. Gazelle held her gaze, determined not to look away or be cowed by her. After a moment Veronica stood, straightening her clingy dress so it covered marginally more skin. The way she smoothed her hands down her side in an almost erotic manner guaranteed to draw the eye, and like a moth to the flame, Gazelle’s eyes followed.

“It was very nice chatting with you, love.” A wicked light glinted in her eyes. “I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.” With that, the redhead glided out of the room, leaving the smell of flowery perfume in her wake.

“Not if I can help it,” Gazelle mumbled under her breath.

Too unsettled to remain in the tub any longer, she let the water drain out before lifting out.

Uneasiness skittered through her as she thought of her encounter with Veronica. Even with the arousal she felt, the woman had danger written all over her. It wasn’t wise to trust anything she said and Gazelle’s instincts told her to tread lightly lest she get hurt. Tension tightened the muscles along her shoulders as she lifted the plush brown towel off the counter. Part of her wondered if it would be wiser to just leave before things spiraled out of control. Hunter was a threat to her heart and Veronica was a threat to her mind. Then there was Luke…

Even as she thought that, she knew she wouldn’t leave. The promise of pleasure at Hunter’s hands had her searching for clean clothes instead of leaving. She wouldn’t be the one to walk away this time.

The second closed door turned out to be his walk in closet. Gazelle stepped inside, switching on the light to reveal a vast selection of clothing. The spicy scent of his cologne filled this room, wrapping around her body. It struck her again how things had changed with Hunter over the last few years. Apparently his business had blossomed from fledgling company to something much more vast. She found a deeper respect growing as she realized he’d done the very thing he’d dreamed of when they first met.

Rows of dress shoes lined the bottom of the closet, dress shirts and pants by color, and jackets filled coordinated by length. Laughter bubbled up as she recalled his need for organization. That hadn’t changed through the years and somehow that knowledge comforted her.

She fingered one of his ties, a bright blue number that Gazelle knew would make his eyes pop when he wore it. Her stomach gave a rumble that reminded of the fact that she hadn’t eaten since her run after work yesterday. She took a white button off its hanger and slipped it on. It fell to mid-thigh and she had to roll the sleeves up, but it covered all the important parts and she was too hungry to worry about underwear.

Stepping out of the safety of the room, Gazelle followed the hallway back into the foyer. Light spilled into the house, lending a quiet to the house that last night’s festivities took away from. As she strolled into the ballroom, the space cavernous in the morning light, she noted how beautiful it was. Covered in blood red paint and heavy black curtains, the space should’ve appeared garish in the daylight. It worked for some reason. The far wall displayed a large photograph of a couple in a sensual embrace, and Gazelle found herself drawn to the picture.

The woman’s long fall of dark hair obscured part of her face, but what the part that showed revealed the rapture in her face. Gazelle felt a hunger of a different kind bloom inside. Her lust sat so close to the surface at the moment that even this aroused her. It made her run in with the redheaded she-devil make more sense, or that’s what she told herself.

She left the ballroom feeling a little achy, but determined to find something to fill her belly. The house may be huge, but the kitchen couldn’t be too far off. It took wandering down another short hallway and following the low sounds of voices before she located the intimate dining room.

The room was as masculine as the other with its dark woods and baroque wallpaper. One side held a matching sideboard loaded with breakfast and the other a small cabinet that housed spare dishes from what Gazelle could see from the door. A solid oak table dominated the room that could sit ten people, but at the moment only had five. Most were strangers except for Luke and Hunter; Gazelle’s eyes zeroed in on him and heat sparked inside of her. His sandy brown hair was wavy and glinted from the light pouring through the windows. Just seeing him momentarily distracted her from her hunger.

As soon as she stepped into the room, he turned. While his expression remained neutral, his sparkling blue eyes light up with pleasure and then darkened as he took in her attire. Everyone else in the room faded as his eyes consumed her. That familiar ache started between her thighs and she suppressed the moan the threatened to slip from her by biting her lip. She felt naked under that gaze in a way far different from Veronica made her feel earlier.

“Gazelle.” His nostrils flared and for a moment an almost feral look crossed his face. He rose and moved toward her, no, stalked toward her. She froze, a tremor snaking through her at the light in his eyes. She swallowed hard, feeling so much like a hunted doe under his gaze. As he closed the gap between them, it took active thought on her part not to step back.

He placed a staying hand around the nape of her neck, holding her still as his head descended to capture her lips in a kiss so fierce her breath became his. Gazelle let her hands sift through his hair and clung to him desperate to get as close to him as she could. She shamelessly rocked her hips, moving her core against the bulge contained behind his blue jeans. His mouth was hot on her, branding and possessing. The press of his tongue as it darted inside invoked images of his cock advancing and retreating. She moaned, her body melting against his stronger one as he continued to stake his claim. Her body felt too hot and she wanted their clothes gone.

When he released her, she gulped in air, her body shaking with need. He brushed his lips against his cheek then nibbled her ear until she gasped. “If they weren’t staring at us, I’d take you to the floor here and now.”

A thrill rippled through her at the thought of an audience. “Do it anyway.” He growled in her ear when she rubbed her aching breasts into his chest.

He bit her where her neck met her shoulder and she squealed. His palms slid up under the hem of her shirt and squeezed her ass. “Keep it up and I’ll let them participate.”

Gazelle glanced around them to see everyone four pairs of eyes staring. Some held passing curiosity and others, like Luke, held lust that burned her. That hidden part of her, that dirty whore, wanted to tell him that’s exactly what she wanted. Instead she buried her head in his throat and pushed that urge away. Unleashing that person inside of her frightened her.

Hunter’s released her ass, circling her waist instead. “We need to get you some better clothes.”

“What’s wrong with what I have on?” She breathed in his scent too distracted by the feel of his skin to really care about anything else.

His hand dipped between her thighs and she opened her legs. “Because,” he growled into her ear, “as much as I want to screw your brains out seeing you in my shirt, the sunlight makes it see through.”

A feminine smile curled her lips. “I thought you didn’t mind sharing me, Master?” She purred, loving the way his body tensed at her word choice.

“Only on my terms.” His finger swirled around her clit, making her breathless. When he took a step back, he removed his hand and she mewled in disappointment. “You need to eat before the activities this afternoon.”

“What activities?” But he didn’t answer; he simply led her to the sideboard and began piling food on a plate. Some of her irritation returned and she reached to pull the plate from his hands. “I can get my own food. I’m not a child, you know.”

He removed her hand. “I’m very aware that you aren’t a child, but while you’re here, you’re under my protection so I will take care of you.” He turned eyes, dark blue in intensity on her. The commanding look quelled the rebellion cropping up. “You will submit to that as part of our agreement. Remember, I decide what, when, and for how long.”

In a manner uncharacteristic of her, Gazelle dropped her eyes and nodded in assent. Something inside of her sat up in eagerness at the way he took charge. A tiny voice called her all sorts of names for kowtowing, but she reasoned that it was okay while she was here. It was expected, never mind that she wanted to.

She was led to the table, but instead of allowing her to sit in her own chair, Hunter pulled her into his lap. Her shirt rode up allowing the hard bulge of his cock to press into the crack of her ass, arousing her to the point of distraction. She opened her mouth to comment, but Hunter spooned the fluffiest eggs she’d ever eaten into her mouth.

Moaning, she didn’t object when he spooned in a tiny slice of ham. “Oh, Hunter. This tastes amazing.” She leaned her head back on his shoulder and chewed slowly to savor it.

“Watching her eat is almost as erotic as watching her suck my dick.” Luke’s words pulled her from her the enjoyment of her food. The way his eyes fastened on her lips made her squirm.

Hunter groaned and shifted her in his lap so his cock nestled fully into her bottom. “She’s always like this when she eats.” His voice sounded strained in her ear. “She’s totally uninhibited in her delight.”

“Makes you want to spread her out and sample her to see if she’s like that with other pleasures.” Luke’s voice resonated with deep lust. “I’d love to see her let go.”

She glanced around the table, the sudden silence of the room making her aware of the other individuals present. Two men, both broad and dark-headed, and a thin blonde with wide set eyes looked her way at Hunter’s words. She felt her face blaze hot at their intense focus and wanted nothing more than to melt into the floor. When she tried to stand, Hunter’s hand slid to her stomach and kept her firmly against him.

She took the fork from Hunter and resumed eating at a much more staid pace. The smattering of conversation started back up after a moment, but her embarrassment lingered.

Lips brushed her neck, the fork stopped halfway to her mouth as Hunter nibbled on her skin. “Keep eating; you need your strength.”

The erotic promise in those words caused her to shiver. She resisted the urge to wiggle in his lap and beg him to finish what he started earlier. Instead she brought the food to her lips and continued on as though her heart didn’t race in anticipation of what he could do to her. The food disappeared from her plate and she leaned her head on Hunter’s shoulder, feeling full and relaxed.

“If that redheaded vixen hadn’t already claimed me, I would’ve stolen Gazelle away to be my slave today. I have a feeling her obedient streak runs deep.”

Her eyes flew to Luke’s in confusion. The comment about her obedience bothered her more than the part before, but jolt of confirmation she felt told her she wasn’t ready to acknowledge that yet.

“What the hell are you talking about?” She didn’t bother masking her irritation. “I’m not anyone’s slave.”

Luke chuckled low, his eyes tracking over her body. When his eyes rose back to hers, she looked away at the intense lust reflected there. “I never said you were, sweet Gazelle.”

“Hunter?” She questioned. Turning her face to gaze up at him, she found him staring off out the window. Event though his arm remained tight around him, she felt his distance in the most acute way. “What’s he talking about?”

The sternness of his expression made her a nervous, but she suppressed that feeling. She sat up and turned in his lap, her need for an explanation more important than his irritation. His eyes narrowed on her face, the warmth of the man he’d been earlier replaced by a disciplinarian that made something inside of her stand to attention.

“You will be participating in some games this afternoon that require obedience.” She opened her mouth to respond in the negative, but he shook his head to silence her. He leaned forward, his breath washing over her lips when he muttered in a gruff voice, “This isn’t a choice, Gazelle. You do what I tell you or I will punish you.”

Her mouth opened and closed. There was no give in his voice or in his face. Instinctively, Gazelle dropped her gaze, her head bowing just enough to signal her assent. He relaxed back, the tension gone from his body then. His fingers tilted up her chin and she saw approval in his blue eyes. A perverse joy warmed her body at that look.

“Good girl.” He smiled at her and she couldn’t help smiling back.


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