For a buck

Unedited quickie with a nice photo attached at the end

“Take that shit off and get on your knees.” He grabbed his denim covered dick and sneered at me. “I wanna see your tits jiggle while I fuck your face.”

My palm tingled; the urge to slap him and then gut him with my knife so strong I toed the steel at my ankle.

He grabbed a hank of my hair, pulling me to him. His breath reeked of beer and onions, mixing with the piss smell permeating the stall.

“You want the money or not, bitch? I ain’t got all day.”

“You know I do, you fucker.” I pushed hard against his chest and he released me with a bark of laughter.

“Then strip. This dick ain’t gonna suck itself.”

For a split second I again considered sliding my knife deep into his gut. He’d make a satisfying sound of surprise as he died and I made off with his cash. How long would I be able to dodge the murder charge? I was already living on the streets. Would jail be better?

I pulled my top off, ignoring his groan as my bare breasts fell free. My tights pooled around my ankles as I kneeled on the cold tile. I could access my knife easy if he got out of hand.

He batted my hands away when I reached for his fly. “With your teeth.”

I clenched my fist, striving for control even as I lost what dignity I had on the floor. Leaning forward, I unfastened him slowly. I mouthed at the fabric when I manage to get the zipper down, trying to ignore the damp spot under my lips.

“Fuck,” he breathed out.

He grew impatient with my playing, pushing my face aside so he could take himself out. I was grateful he wasn’t huge, but knew from the gleam in his eyes he’d do all he could to make me feel every inch of him in my throat.

“Open up.” He grabbed the back of my head, barely waiting for me to part my lips before feeding me his length. “Suck.”

I added the suction he wanted, opening wide as he thrust forward. He was rough, jabbing for my throat until I gagged and tears streaked my cheeks.  I let my mind wander as he used my mouth, promising myself chicken for my first meal in days.

Full body shot down the line of Cara’s body


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    Cara Thereon

    I almost wrote it from the perspective of a male homeless guy but then my photo wouldn’t have made sense. I’d been thinking of this story line all day yesterday

  2. Aku

    Gut-twistingly intense story concept.
    I was half expecting she was going to stab him before the end.
    Can’t decide if it’s better she did or didn’t.

    Seperate note entirely – lovely picture of the always beautiful you. Can’t say what it is exactly, but I find your lips very beautiful, can imagine them making a lovely little cupids-bow as you smile.

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      Cara Thereon

      I considered letting her do it, but then didn’t. It took a horrific turn in my mind if I did go that way and I wasn’t interested in exploring it.

      Haha. I don’t know about a Cupid’s bow. My lips are on the fuller side though.

      1. Aku

        I can see that – would have been interesting but even harder to write and much much darker.

        Also: bow or not, as is: works for me.

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