Caught 8

Chapter 8

 Gazelle stood as close to the gazebo as she could, trying to distract herself from her nudity by admiring the beautiful lawn. The warm afternoon sun felt glorious on her skin, the wind played just enough to tighten her nipples and caress between her thighs, and the smell of roses swirled around almost intoxicating her. She would’ve enjoyed being out there if anxious excitement didn’t skim along her nerves.

After breakfast, Hunter had taken her back to his room and pressed her to the bed for a quick romp that left her a quivering, breathless mess. She’d fallen asleep in the cradle of his arms even though she hadn’t been tired only to have him wake her a few hours later. When she’d reached for his dress shirt again, he’d pulled it out of her reach and told her she wouldn’t need it. He’d carried her from the room to the back lawn before she could protest.

He’d positioned her near the gazebo with a command to stand still while he disappeared back into the house. Gazelle couldn’t understand why she obeyed, but she did. The woman inside of her spilled out and trembled with joy whenever he affected that stern persona. He’d never let that man, the dominant man, appear fully even though she knew he wanted to. The woman side responded every time with a rush of need to obey him. The intensity of it scared her so she chose not to think about it at all.

The sight of Hunter walking toward her captured her attention. Arousal shimmered through her as she absorbed his confident swagger and the ripple of his muscles beneath his black long sleeve shirt. His nostrils flared and his eyes scanned her body as he stopped in front of her, obviously as affected by her, a fact that made her stretch just a little.

They were connected for a moment, feelings and lust bouncing between them, heightening her arousal. She swayed toward him, longing to touch his warm skin and lure him into pushing her into the grass. Just imagining the silky grass at her back and this hard man at her front had her creaming. She opened her mouth to ask for that, but more people filed out of the house and the moment passed.

Hunter turned away from her and she felt unsettled. Shaking that off, she glanced around him as the lawn filled up. The number of people was only a third of those present at the party last night, but it was still a lot. She noted she wasn’t the only one naked, and gave a start when she spotted Luke.

As naked as her, he was being led across the lawn to them on a leash by Veronica. His big body was packed with lots of hard muscles; his chest and shoulders broad, his waist narrow, and his legs thick and corded. Something clenched low in her belly at the sight of his erect cock as it stood straight out in front of him. That had slid across her tongue and stretched her mouth wide, and she felt a low burn at the sight of it.

Veronica stopped in front of Hunter, caressing his cheek before planting a kiss on his lips. Gazelle tensed, jealousy bursting to life inside of her body at the sight of that woman plastered to her man. Hers, she wanted to hiss. No, what she wanted to do was scratch her damn eyes out. She curled her hands into a fist, digging her nails into a palm to stop herself from doing something stupid.

Green eyes sparkled knowingly at Gazelle. “Ah, we’re ready then.” Veronica scanned her body with as much lust as Hunter had before turning away to face the gathered crowd. “Let’s get started everyone. Please line your slave up along the rail of the gazebo before I issue rules for the games.”

Gazelle no longer wanted to play, but when a firm hand on her arm kept her from marching back into the house. Hunter moved her until her back was pressed into the white wicker rail. Luke stood beside her, his body relaxed. The other people found their places quickly. Veronica examined each one, skimming a fingertip along and humming her approval. When she stood in front of Gazelle, the look in her eyes almost singed her.

“You’ll enjoy every minute of this, won’t you, slave?” The soft purr of her voice caused warmth to pool low in Gazelle’s belly.

Looking away, Gazelle kept her posture straight, refusing to let the feeling of Veronica’s fingers caressing down her stomach shake her. She clamped her jaws together when the wandered into the tight curls between her thighs.

Soft lips brushed Gazelle’s cheek before the teasing touch disappeared. “Every single minute.” The whisper words shivered down her spine.

The sigh of relief that hissed from her was far more audible than Gazelle would like, but she couldn’t hold it in. Another hand landed on her arm and she jumped.

“Easy,” Luke murmured quietly. “Don’t let her bother you. Veronica can be ruthless when she sees something she wants.”

She turned to see the sympathy reflected in Luke’s warm brown eyes. She couldn’t help smiling at the concern he showed. “And why would she want me?”

He let his hand trail up to her shoulder then down her back, skimming along the curve of her bottom before cupping low and fingering her pussy lips. “Because you’re naturally submissive and any dominate can tell just by looking at you.”

She wanted to deny it, wanted to tell him he didn’t know shit. She wanted to squirm away, but something held her in place. It was the truth of what he said the trapped her, the part of her that recognized what resonated inside. But what did she do with this new information she had with herself? When this ended, she’d be Gazelle Opening her mouth to speak, nothing came as the words died on her tongue.

“Attention.” Veronica’s clear voice cut through her confusion, drawing her eyes to the petite redhead. She addressed the crowd gathered around the gazebo, her head held high and her back straight. She was commanding and everyone quieted. “Each of you has acquired your slave to participate in today’s games. Your slave will compete against the others in a series of activities to see which excels at submission and sexual skills. The rules are simple: Your slave must act and do so with little complaint. Winning slaves will have the opportunity to be serviced by their fellow slaves during tonight’s festivities. The winning master’s prize to be determined.”

While the people positioned on the rail beside her said little, Gazelle could feel their excitement at the prospect of being served. A wave of uncertainty swept through her. The prospect of being a slave wasn’t what she’d agreed to participate in. She glanced across the lawn to see Hunter staring at her. Something trembled inside of her as their gazes held. For him she’d bend, she realized. A scary thought, but as true as anything else she’d come to learn about herself.

“A slave must know how to please anyone that their master desires. For the first event, you must present three individuals for your slave to pleasure by oral stimulation alone. This is a game of speed and ability, so the first slave finished takes the event.” Veronica turned to the face them. Lustful glee caused her green eyes to sparkle. “Slaves, to your knees.”

Everyone dropped in deference to her command. Gazelle found herself on her knees in the spongy grass, waiting with a smidge of fear in her stomach. The ache between her thighs made a mockery of that fear, excitement coursing too hot in her veins.

People stepped forward to claim a spot in front of a kneeling person. Gazelle looked up as a man with a wan complexion and a balding head approached her. He’d unzipped his jeans before he’d stopped and a pull of the fabric had his thin cock popping forth in her face. She swallowed her reluctance and shuffled forward, placing a hand on denim thigh. Amazingly, her excitement rose at the prospect of having him in her mouth. She didn’t know this man, felt nothing for him, but she wanted to please him. Don’t think, she told herself.

“On my mark.” There was a long pause, the air hummed with a level of anticipation she didn’t try to understand. Veronica held her hand high then dropped it to her waist. “Go!”

Out of the corner of her eye, she listened to the sound of Luke sucking vigorously at the dick of a little round man with a very red face. Just knowing he worked with such enthusiasm sent a thrill through her. The look of determination on his face, the underlying lust caused her pussy to clench. She turned her head to watch the man grip Luke’s hair in his fist, his hips moving in a shallow thrust.

“Well?” A hand yanked her head up to look at the tall man before her. Irritation marred his face, twisting his features. Gazelle dropped her eyes and reached out to grip the base of his semi-erect cock, steadying it so she could fan her breath over the head. He moaned, his grip in her hair tightening enough to draw a sharp cry from her. She licked the tip, allowing it to grow fatter in her palm. His hips canting as though he would force it down her throat. The odds of her winning seemed slim, but she parted her lips and allowed him inside the moist heat of her mouth.

She tongued the head as he slid back out of her mouth. His smell, a sour, sweaty scent would’ve put her off, but Gazelle found herself falling into the rhythm. The feeling, the texture of his skin, the sounds he made all vibrated through her like an aphrodisiac. As her head bobbed along his length, her other hand slipped between her thighs. She moaned around him as her fingers dipped into her slickness. He surged into her mouth and she increased her suction, circling her clit with the same amount of vigor.

He grunted above her, the pinch of his grip in her hair spurning her on. She fondled his naked balls, pulled her head back to tongue the leaking slit, and then surprised them both by moving down his shaft until her nose touched his skin. Gazelle lifted her gaze to his and one look told her he was right on the edge. Knowing she couldn’t hold it long, she pulled back and sucked hard at the tip, loving it with her mouth. He groaned loud and exploded into her mouth. She swallowed, the bitter taste of his cum sliding like too thick syrup down her throat. He refused to release her until his cock finished its chaotic jerking.

When he stepped away with a satisfied smile on his face, Gazelle sat back on her haunches. Before she could look around to see if anyone else had finished their first person, another man stepped forward with his pants down around his thighs. His was handsome with his bleach blonde hair and strong chin gave him a surfer look, but the cruelty she detected in his blue eyes frightened her. The fact that her pussy clenched and wetness trickled over her skin sent a tiny wave of shame through her. She couldn’t possibly want him, could she?

“Let’s go, slave.” His hand gripped her head and yanked her forward. “I want to own that hot mouth.”

Gazelle opened her mouth reluctantly. He forced his thick cock deep, gagging her as he touched the back of her throat. She pushed against his thighs, but he only rocked back enough for her to catch her breath before rolling forward once more, filling her throat. This time he held her there, her back arching, and her head tight in his grip as he throbbed in her mouth. She almost panicked as he pushed past that point she could tolerate. Lifting frantic eyes to him, she wanted to plead for him to ease up. He simply stared down at her a cool look in his blue eyes. She sobbed at the unrelenting look, her hands digging into the hard muscles of his legs.

“Your throat feels so damn good.” His smile held the same cruelty she saw in his eyes. “I’d love to fill it with my cum everyday. Do you think you’re Master would let me do that?”

She whimpered, her face hot at the thought of submitting to him like this everyday. Of how much she’d come to enjoy it if he did. His eyes darkened as though he recognized the reflected need in hers. She swallowed around him, praying that would be enough to end this. He growled and began thrusting harder and harder until he too exploded into her mouth. Gazelle lowered her eyes, swallowing every drop of his cum, her own cream running down her leg. Around her the wet sounds of people being pleasured heightened her arousal to almost painful levels.


  1. Aku

    Story continues along nicely – keeps it interesting and challenging to the reader.
    I remain intrigued by how you had a slow build and now an escalation, now both expected at a level but surprising because the interplay between just her and hunter had been engaging enough thus far.
    That shift between dom types at the end, the intro of the more aggressive kind was a nice touch – kept it more real and fresh in a way despite him not necessarily being a likeable character.
    Also the conflict in your protagonist internally, of the rational human mind vs the willing submissive cravings is a part of this lifestyle that fascinates me and you’ve been writing well here. I will admit that the ease with which she gives in, the seemingly limited reluctance, it is a bit surreal for me but then again I know nothing of the experiences first-hand so leave my comment there. I just wonder as someone subbing for the first time really, possibly a little more focus on the extent of her fear or hesitation might be better, at least when the games between gazelle and her lover/master so unexpectedly jump from private to something literally origiastic – so that maybe by the end of the games or something, the fear and all finally starts to lose out more easily or take a backseat?
    Just afterthoughts.
    Enjoying Caught quite a bit – less pleasant bits and all. Keep up the nice work!

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      It’s been well over a year since I’ve read through the story. Even posting it now, I couldn’t bring myself to reread it. I’d need someone to read it for me in its entirety and then I’d try editing it then.

      So this isn’t super raw (it’s been through a few edits), but I need to read through a few parts like this that need a polish.

      1. Aku

        I can relate. So much that I can’t go back to because, reasons.
        Not my area of expertise story-wise but I could take a crack at it if you like, do some inline edits on a google-doc or some such. Don’t have to but just offering if you don’t find better.

        1. Post

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